PlayStation Neo Rumor Says Lower Console Production Prices Forced Sony To Make A New PS4

PlayStation Neo rumors suggest that Sony's new PS4 was never intended to exist. Find out how AMD production shifts may have spawned this very divisive console!

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uth111276d ago

So if consoles devolve into a smartphone or PC like situation where your hardware is barely usable after 2-3 years, blame AMD for forcing the change?

NotEvenMyFinalForm1276d ago

Rumors state that both consoles will play the same games, so your question is not applicable to the situation. There is no answer.

bouzebbal1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

This is only possible because ps4 is selling so much.. The more they sell the cheaper it becomes to produce.
Games will run the same way on both.. PS4K will have extra power for the 4K resolution imo.. If that extra power helps games to run 1080p 60fps then it's all good even people without 4K TV can invest if they wish.
No idea why people believe this upgraded console runs exclusive games. It would be suicidal to kill the hype train PS4 this way

NewMonday1276d ago

this is a Reddit users speculation not a rumor at all

AFAIK AMD dose reference design not actual manufacturing, so nothing for them to streamline

GordonKnight1276d ago


If there are exclusives for the PS4K they will be PSVR experiences, not normal games. Also, PSVR is the bigger reason for creating neo.

AndrewLB1276d ago


AMD's manufactures these APU's at GlobalFoundries.

Also, you didn't seem to read the reddit posting because if you had, you'd know that it came directly from VRWorld.

From the original VRworld article:

"At the same time, we managed to learn that SONY ran into a roadblock with their original PlayStation 4 plans. Just like all the previous consoles (PSX to PSOne, PS2, PS3), the plan was to re-do the silicon with a ‘simple’ die shrink, moving its APU and GPU combination from 28nm to 14nm. While this move was ‘easy’ in the past – you pay for the tapeout and NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering), neither Microsoft nor Sony were ready to pay for the cost of moving from a planar transistor (28nm) to a FinFET transistor design (14nm).

This ‘die-shrink’ requires to re-develop the same chip again, with a cost measured in excess of a hundred million dollars (est. $120-220 million). With Sony PlayStation VR retail packaging being a mess of cables and what appears to be a second video processing console, in the spring of 2014 SONY pulled the trigger and informed AMD that they would like to adopt AMD’s upcoming 14nm FinFET product line, based on successor of low-power Puma (16h) CPU and the Polaris GPU processor architecture."

ILostMyMind1276d ago

No. All games will run on PS4, including the PS-VR. The reason for the creation of the Neo is technological advancement and cost reduction. They will offer the best option for you if you want.

donthate1276d ago


Sony's move to a mid-cycle upgrade is forcing MS hand, and this seems consistent with Sony being the first to release a new console. In a twist of fate though, I suspect this benefit MS more because it sort of resets the generation, giving MS the chance to catch up hardware wise.

JackBNimble1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Still waiting to see any evidence that this (ps4k ) is anything other then just a rumor . Everyone excited about the ps4k talk about it as if Sony has made an announcement and the ps4k is fact. Fact is it's not , and may very well be just a pipe dream .

@ chuckyj1
If we need a ps4k to use the psvr then Sony screwed up bad. Considered this, Sony has 40 million ps4 in the world and all Sony needs to do is convince us to buy the psvr. That's alot easier then to try ti convince us to be a ps4k and a psvr.
Beside that if I have to spend a $1000 on ps4k and psvr, then I may as well buy an oculus on my pc instead considering consoles are going to be replaced every 3 years.

chuckyj11275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I always thought the main reason behind the PS4 NEO was additional power for the PlayStation VR. PS4 didn't have enough... So PS4 NEO is the answer.

FITgamer1275d ago

f they are continuing to produce current models, it doesn't make sense that they had to make new model.

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ninsigma1276d ago

In what world is a PC unusable after 2-3 years??

uth111276d ago

If you don't want to shell out $300+ for a new graphics card, then good luck playing the latest AAA games after 2 years

lelo2play1276d ago


Did you just say a $300+ graphics card becomes obsolete after two years?

Oh, the ignorance!

skidmarc1276d ago

Totally agree. A good $300 video card will last at least 5 or so years. I have a gtx 560ti back from 2011 that will still play games.

itsmebryan1276d ago

The world of a person that doesn't understand PCs and. APC gaming.

Stapleface1276d ago

@Uth, last I checked there are still people running 600 series, while playing modern games. I know my 780ti, although not $300, but several years old, still does quite well.

1276d ago
_-EDMIX-_1276d ago

@uth11- "If you don't want to shell out $300+ for a new graphics card, then good luck playing the latest AAA games after 2 years"

If you don't want to Shell out $300 for a new PlayStation 4 or new Xbox One you could actually still play your original and all the games that release so I have no clue what you're talking about..

Even in your stupid analogy it's incorrect simply because the new 1080 GTX that's releasing is not required to play the games releasing in the next two years it's nice to have but in no way shape or form is it required as a minimum to play any game releasing anytime soon.

Somebody that games on both PC and console I could tell you right now you're incorrect and by the number of disagrees you have the fact that you're actually still stating the same stupidness only shows just how little you actually know.

So how many times does somebody need to correct you for you to understand?

Why is it that when somebody uses a 1.1 example to show you the similarities between console and PC you disregard it and then run away?

The new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is no different than the GTX 1080, it is nice to have, it is not required to play the latest games for the rest of the generation and is completely optional.

Sharky2311276d ago

I don't think it's unusable.. I think every 2-3 years they've got some kind of upgraded hardware.

AndrewLB1276d ago


You have absolutely no clue what you're talking about.

2v11275d ago

With out update hardware all you have is a console

Germ_the_Nobody1275d ago

People need to stop the nonsense of "my five year old card can still play games". That's great but you're sure as hell not playing them on Ultra settings at max FPS.

boodi1275d ago

I'm using to make 2 kind of different jobs 2 Lenovo Thinkpad ( t61 and another similar ) , and it runs pretty fast and do anything I need ..

Kleptic1275d ago

there is some goofy information floating around from both sides of the fence...

yes, you can get half a decade out of a PC gpu...but only with the assumption that you bought a high end beast initially...

One example thrown around was a $300 560ti 'still playing games'...the most recent multiplatform release worth mentioning would be Doom... a Ps4 can run that at decent settings usually safely in the 1080/60fps range (the dynamic res messes with that, but w/e)...a 560ti couldn't even load the game...

I have a 280x, which is based off a gpu from 2013 I paid just under $300 for it, and it runs anything above 60fps, but definitely needs to have some settings tweaked in order to do so on newer games...but, in 2011 (5 years ago ironically), that card was closer to $700...not $300...7970/280x's are also over twice as powerful as what is in either current console, for reference...again, that is a card...from 2011...

R6ex1275d ago

Resolution is the main factor. If you stick to HD-Ready 720p monitor, your graphic card will last forever!

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WelkinCole1276d ago

Its a rumor but it kinda make sense. PS4 is already the most powerful console of the 3. Its already very easy to dev for. Its beating the competition sales wise and is getting closer to their PS2 dominance.

I never hear PS fans wanting more power nor devs complaining about not enough power on the PS4. The only exception is VR where it might be under powered and PSVR devs might be asking for more. Why I still think this new version is really is for PSVR.

There are no highly sort after feature like cross game chat that warrant spec upgrade. Nothing.

Neo in this sense makes absolutely no sense but instead its dividing the existing PS4 base.

If Sony are forced to use the new AMD chips because they can't continue to reduce the cost of the existing CPU/GPU chip then at least that would make some sort of sense. Traditionally console holders continue to reduce cost of components to save cost. If they can't then some things will need to change.

AMD is a business and its seems like they at least have Sony by the balls if this rumor is true.

We shall see.

joeorc1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Good article's content thumbs up.


Being an engineering person myself..what The Rumor is stating is while this is just my opinion alone , but there is a very good reslason why I think this Rumor to not only be false. But also my reason for my disagreement is more Sound .

If you look at chipworks xray scan of the chipset of the PS4's system on a chip and how it differs from the Xbox one design layout on its xray also by chipworks.

I doubt this rumor to be True.
Reason being one of the things that I think many have forgotten is Sony's process is 3D stacked TSV. While Microsoft is not using such for its Xbox one design.

If you do not know what that is or have not known that. Than its no wonder many may think this Rumor is true.

Which is exactly why I doubt this very much to be true. Since its 3D stacked TSV it require custom production that more expensive upfront but saves cost in reduction on the Soc later. As nano meter shrinks further increase.

The PS3 did not use such. But the PSVita and PS4 however does.

Many not taking this engineering production template technology in consideration may no doubt think this rumor to be true. But by chipworks xray and break down of the hardware on a xray level show's to me its more than likely not true.


SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.) CXD90026G SoC (includes AMD "Jaguar" Cores and AMD Radeon Graphics GPU)

Do many here think AMD is the one in production fabrication of this chip?

No ..thus its not AMD its partners of AMD! Its far cheaper to reduction of the current Die than having to change the power requirements by increasing on that die. Higher GPU, Processor and connection Bus and also than having to upgrade the passive and active thermal dissipate material to go along with it on top of that , that means more expenses toward Engineer costs and design.

Reduction in current fabrication of die size is far cheaper.
With people disagreement with my assement, go right ahead, but at least say why.. If not than at least show why with valid Arguments on the opposite view points. At least with my points I am showing Valid response and with link support by independent collaboration.

Those disagreeing, can have an opinion on this , but at least say something.

_-EDMIX-_1276d ago

@joe- very good read and I agree with what was stated.

Ashunderfire861276d ago

If GameStop, Amazon, and other outlets have a promotional deal to trade in your old PS4 and get the upgraded one for $100 bucks! It' will help sell the PS4 Neo. Yes it will kind of divide the community, but I just hope it doesn't blow up in their face. They are so dam close to PS2 sells.

AndrewLB1276d ago


Your whole argument gets thrown out the window because PS4 does not use 3D Stacked Through Silicone Via (TSV) Interconnects because it's not using Stacked HBM memory.

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ninsigma1276d ago

That just isn't remotely true. You just can't play it on the highest settings. 750 ti is now 2 years old and far behind the newest cards out there yet is still used to play the newest games.

lelo2play1276d ago

Well, with all these rumours I just sold my PS4 and I'm in no rush to purchase a new PS4k or Xbox 1.5. My PS4 was collecting dust and at this moment my PC is more then enough for my gaming needs. Simply put, the PS4 or X1 don't have that many obligatory quality exclusives.

In all honesty, this gen has been quite poor in PS4/X1 exclusives.

Kaneki-Ken1276d ago

Lol, PS4 have poor exclusive. You very funny mate, I guess you a troll.

NatureOfLogic_1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I'm thinking of selling my PS4 as well since I have a gaming PC, I can't pull the trigger yet due to FFXV and GTSports. my PS4 is currently collecting dust right now. Now that I think about I should probably turn it on to make sure it still works. It's been a while since I've had it on. These rumours had the same affect on me.

hiawa231276d ago

But your PS4 currently is useable. If you don't want to upgrade then you get the same games as you currently do as the current specs wI'll allow, but those who want to uparade can. What PC is barely useable in 2-3 years.

subtenko1276d ago

Except thats not the case, its like ps3 fat -> ps3 slim with extra incentive.

1276d ago
Tsar4ever011276d ago

I wouldn't blame AMD for this "iterative upgrades", I applaud them.

No more static 5-7 yr console cycles. Constant upgraded specs that shifts & update with the technology. No more broken software compatibility after every new console hardware updates, backwards & forwards software compatibility, but the console hardware keeps getting better. No more holding back high-end PC games since most 3rd party games are being designed off "lowest common denominator" console specs. And as a console gamer, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT!! You have a choice.

As a base Ps4 owner, I'm not the least bit bothered by this. I'm perfectly fine with 95% of my ps4 games running native 1080p at unstabled 30 or 60 fps. I already decided not to buy the Neo, because I feel that the Jaguar cpu cores still inside will hold back the Neo's TRUE POWER. So I'm holding out for the PlayStation after NEO,( "Not callin' it the Ps5") in 2018-19, because I'm sure the PlayStation after Neo will be running AMD's new Zen core(smt) APU with HBM2 memory with a much more powerful Radeon VEGA or NAVI gpu.

_-EDMIX-_1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

"hardware is barely usable after 2-3 years"

I'm sorry buddy but there's no excuse to be this slow and ignorant you've posted way too many times on this topic to not know, for how long you've posted on this. Too many people have been correcting you for you to not understand why your post doesn't make any sense other than sheer ignorance.

But I guess we're going to use the classic it's "kool to be a fool" stance huh?

So One More Time since apparently it's not enough to be told a dozen times ..where did you hear that the other platforms would be obsolete once a new one released?

Where did you hear that this is a new generation starting?

Where did you read that games would not be supported for the older platforms?

But then again this isn't your first time being positioned like this is it? So why on Earth do you keep asking saying the same statements only to be corrected by like a dozen users?

Aenea1276d ago

Nah, AMD didn't force Sony to do this, Sony had a choice, invest around $220 million and have AMD make APUs with the exact same specs as the PS4's or use AMD's newer stuff without the cost of $220 million (or at least a hell of a lot less).

If you were Sony what would you do?

iTechHeads1276d ago

A 3-year of iPhone works perfectly fine.
The problem here is that people want the best there is.

kenwonobi1276d ago

Arguing over getting to play the same games. Get over it.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1276d ago

Somehow, someway, people will blame Nividia instead.

PeaSFor1276d ago

"is barely usable after 2-3 years"


Nivekki1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I'm still playing games on pc with a 670gtx and a 2500k. It's more than possible. I'm only now starting to feel the bite from my hardware and feeling like an upgrade. I've had this setup since 2011. I paid £180 for the card and just over £100 for the cpu back than. That's not bad going really.

I'll probably still get £100 or so back selling them on.

Obscure_Observer1275d ago

Forced? I doubt that! If the rumored leaked NEO specs is anything to go by, the processor will be the bottleneck for NEO

nitus101275d ago

Sigh! another rumor.

Wake me when we get official specifications and a release date, then I will take notice but until then Yawn!

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Rookie_Monster1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Loving it. If the games are backward/forward compatible between Neo/PS4, then I see nothing wrong with that. GT sport can take advantage of the new higher spec for power hungry gamers like myself and still be playable to current PS4 owners that are happy with how it looks currently. Option is a nice thing.

MasterCornholio1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Didn't you say it would hurt current PS4 owners?

P.S This is what happens when you abolish the ignore function from N4G.

Rookie_Monster1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

[email protected]

This is like the second time you had done this and you just lied to the general public again.

If you are going to use my old comments, please use all of what I only makes you look like a fool and a desperate hater. LOL

Here is my full comment. 
"SONY don't care. They will throw out the Neo and people with existing PS4 will all buy it. SONY really have a loyal following and they can do no wrong even though this move is more or less a stab in the back of the existing 40 million console owners. Having said that, Day One! Mid gen upgrade is the future and we should all embrace it like I have been saying previously." 

You are like a shady lawyer trying to withhold the full truth to the jury. LOL

Germany71276d ago

Master is right, where the is the ignore function? This Rookie guy is a troll with serious issues, it's not normal to create an account just to make these kind of comments.
Let's be honest, some trolls are funny, but this guy is just dumb and really annoying, a normal person more than fifteen years old would be ashamed to have this kind of behavior.

ziggurcat1276d ago

Again, Rookie, the full quote doesn't change the context of your comment - which was saying Sony is stabbing people who already own a PS4 in the back if they release the Neo. And you literally edited in the last sentence *after* you got swamped with disagrees.

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Xavy1276d ago ShowReplies(1)
Orionsangel1276d ago

What are you gonna do with your old PS4? Use it as a doorstop? The value is gonna drop significantly when the Neo is released. You're not angry that you spent over 400 dollars on a console and now so soon they'e basically replacing it with a superior version? You must have money to burn.

TFJWM1276d ago

My old PS4 will go into the bedroom...

FamilyGuy1275d ago

Give it to a sibling, other relative, friend or spouse that doesn't have or couldn't afford a Ps4?
It's a nice gift

MasterCornholio1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I didn't lie at all.

You said this move is a stab in the back to current PS4 owners. Which means your suggesting that it's hurting them.

The only one being shady here is you.

"SONY really have a loyal following and they can do no wrong even though this move is more or less a stab in the back of the existing 40 million console owners. "

All you did was prove me right and make yourself look silly in the process.

P.S Don't bother editing your comment since I take pictures of them.


Why not?

I mean it's more efficient than to read someone's posting history to find something to use against them which is what Rookie does. I mean you just need to look at his comment history to see that.

Rookie_Monster1276d ago

"You said this move is a stab in the back to current PS4 owners. Which means your suggesting that it's hurting them. "

ROTFL, I think you are confusing my metaphor of "stabbing" in the back and an actual stabbing that actually hurt people. That was too funny.

Example: I bought an IPhone today, and Apple release another one with higher specs 6 months later without warning. Many people that bought the older model iPhone will feel a stab in the back by Apple. But in the end, they understand it is a neccessary technology advancement cycle and they can either upgrade to a new one or stay where they are.

Hope you learn something new here today. :)

Stapleface1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Damn dude, you take pictures of his comments? That's a little bit mental. Does Rookie really get to you that bad? He must have had a great laugh after that comment. If he is a troll, he's got you good.

tinynuggins1276d ago

You take pictures of comments!? Come on man, go outside today and get some fresh air. Don't take this stuff so serious.

ziggurcat1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )


saying sony is stabbing current PS4 owners in the back with the Neo is saying that sony is doing figurative harm to those people because they might feel deceived/cheated/wronged. master wasn't confusing anything.


He has a tendency to edit his comments after the fact, often to cover up his hypocrisy. Why else would he edit (in an honestly sad display of cowardice) a 34-day old comment about 40 hours ago? It had only been edited because someone had cited it in order to prove he was lying. The comment went from:

"Haters gonna hate. What else is new coming from you regarding a xbox game? I hope you will at least stop commenting on these Xbox thread so it will at least be better for us fans. Don't you have anything better to do on a Saturday, notgenuinexbox-user?"



Hell, even the portion of his comment stating Sony was stabbing people in the back was edited after the fact (from, "having said that..." on was added afterwards in a poor attempt to seem "neutral").

Rookie_Monster1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Wow, you actually take picture of my commets? ROTFL. Dude, this is a fantasy videogame forum, it is not a Political election cats don't need to take this so seriously, hardcore style. :)

But for you, it don't surprise me as you have stolen one now my copyrighted picture before and try to pull off the stunt...Isn't that right? LoL

maniacmayhem1275d ago

I agree, if he is a supposed troll like you and others claim and now he has you not only sifting through past comments but also taking pictures then the joke is truly on you @Corn and Cat

ziggurcat1275d ago

Actually, maniac, it speaks more to his character that he feels he has to edit his comments - especially ones that are over a month old - to hide what he's actually said.

And, no... I don't take any photos.

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OB1Biker1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I dont want Neo to be 'forward compatible' though because I want the PS5 to have exclusive games taking advantage of the new hardware day 1 and be a real new generation instead of just a step up with the same 'enhanced' games'
Neo is still a PS4 even if it play the same games but 'just better' its not a major reason to upgrade for most gamers although it gives more choice for new buyers

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 1275d ago
Xavy1276d ago

Damn you AMD lol.

Day 1 buy

Next_gen_20151276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Rebuy a console you already own for a little more horsepower? Yea i doubt that

$ony messed up big time. Vanilla Ps4 should've had better specs


i said its ok for xbox one to upgrade because the specs were weak from the jump. Its more understandable if MS makes a more powerful X1 since its lagging behind competition. Also when did i ever say xbox one was my platform of choice? Thats just an assumption you made because im against the PS4.5....Grow up

Xavy1276d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Yeah 40 mil is messing up loool.
Tell that to everyone that buys a new gfx card and they will spit on your face, or better yet accoring to your comment history you clearly are an xbot who said this ""I dont mind the xbox one getting a hardware upgrade"

just STFU.


You said its ok for xbox one to have an upgrade BECAUSE thats your platform of choice, and it would kill your little fanboy heart to see an even more powerful PS4 infront of you.
Man just stop with the BS your comment history is there for everyone to see.

Tsar4ever011276d ago

"$ony messed up big time. Vanilla Ps4 should've had better specs"

Sony could've put better specs in the base PS4, than YOU would've been Pissed and Bitched about why it has a High price.

Spyroo1276d ago

"Vanilla PS4 should've had better specs"

K, so you wanted a $500 PS4 at launch?

Lol your a fool. Hardware becomes cheaper to manufacture over time and the hardware they manufactured in 2013 for PS4 at $399 made them no profit until later when the hardware becomes cheaper.

If PS4 launched at $500 then it wouldn't have sold this well.