Gran Turismo Sport Will Have Damage and Weather; Polyphony Optimizing for 60 FPS

Yesterday you saw quite a lot of Gameplay of the upcoming GT Sport, but since competitors did not have time to train with the new tracks and cars, there was quite a lot of bumping. Yet, no damage was seen. Luckily, this is going to change.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081278d ago

So it will have car damage and weather, it's just wasn't coded into the game yet! so the other 50% of the game they have to finish up will have these features, along with improve graphics. Cool! :-)

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Apocalypse Shadow1278d ago

Sshhhh! You're not supposed to say that whirlwind.

Gamers think GTS should be pushing 20 billion polygons and run at 4K/120fps in VR with "Solar System Illumination" and not "global." They'll be disappointed if they can't see Jupiter in the sky in a night race or smell the odor of hot dogs and beer from their controller speaker.

Polyphony is not allowed to support international competition or a new platform that needs games to be successful and grow. Just look at the amount of driving games Oculus,Google,Valve,etc are producing for their vr headsets.
Polyphony needs to get cracking spitting out the next sequel number


Fin_The_Human1278d ago

That's almost scary though...If the weather and damage was not coded then why did the graphics look so last gen.

When those things are coded doesn't that mean that more resources will be used for the game?

KwietStorm1278d ago

Last gen? Stop exaggerating. Everybody wants more more more with every game release, and if it doesn't reach every single expectation, hyperboles galore.

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FlameBaitGod1278d ago

Yeah KwietStorm, GT Sport looks like this, exactly like last gen.


mogwaii1277d ago

Last gen it did not look but atad underwhelming yes BUT thats because of vr, i bet you'll forget about the extra shiny when you are in the cockpit and able to look over your shoulder while racing, it'll be a blast!

IamTylerDurden11277d ago

GTS looks competent visually, Driveclub has set an extremely high bar in terms of grfx.

Gears 4 is horrendous looking, it's entirely different. Gears 4 literally looks worse in some areas than Gears 3. Please don't compare Gears 4 and GTS bc GTS is far more attractive visually.

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medman1277d ago

My concern for the game is that it is almost June already, and if indeed the game is only 50 percent complete, how the heck are they going to hit their release target for fall 2016? Seems incredibly optimistic on their part.....I just hope the game won't be rushed and gamers will therefore be playing an incomplete GTSport at launch, with the fixes patched in over the months following the games release. I'm getting sick of that nonsense.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081277d ago

So you saying it won't be finished before 11/12?

CaptainObvious8781277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I'm making a prediction right now.

Reviewers are going to nit pick this game to death and then keep beating that dead horse.

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showtimefolks1278d ago

but what about all those fanboys/trolls who said otherwise

yeahokwhatever1278d ago

They don't matter as they have 0 intention of purchasing the game anyways. Like how my opinion on Halo doesn't matter.

Rookie_Monster1278d ago

"We also learn that the  inclusion of weather is planned, but this time around Polyphony Digital isn’t going to implement dynamic weather, and we’ll be able to select it at the start of the race."

No Dynamic weather. Oh well, at least weather is still plan. Keeping an eye on its development as it is one game I am looking forward to PSVR, along with Ace Combat.

Doabarrelroll1278d ago

Does the weather need to be dynamic? Is it that important

Rookie_Monster1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I never said dynamic is important but surprised it didn't have it since it was implemented in thier last GT game, GT6. That is all.

Anytime a feature is cut from a previously installment that has them, some people are surprised as many thought it would definitely have them.

freshslicepizza1278d ago

well people were excited about it for driveclub and it seemed to be very important feature missing in forza for some but i guess the novelty wore off now.

regardless, its a shame they appear to be rushing this out the door which is weid after all the other delays we've been accustomed to

SpeakTruthAlways1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )


Aww, how cute to see rookie is concernced that a feature that was present in past entries would not be present in the latest one,

Meanwhile, this is what this rookie_ fraudster had to say about the exclusion of splitsreen from halo 5:-

"Rookie_Monster 227d ago
Day one! Split screen, haven't have much used since golden eye on N64. It is like going back to using walkie talkie when we have cell phones now."

Should be enough of a proof how much of a fraud and liar this pathetic individual is, his filler comments about praising ps4 and its games is just an attempt to come across as a neutral gamer, but he is clearly biased af as apparent from his comment history, only a fool will believe on the filth that comes out from the mouth of this fraud.

Sunny_D1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )


Holy shit, wow you live up to your name. This single-handedly (whatever was left) pretty much de-legitimizes anything he says from now on. Damn, he got beat at his own game. Sloppier by the second. LMAO

kraenk121277d ago

The worst thing is the guy doesn't even have an own opinion. He adapts his opinion by the hour. No balls at all, just a flag in the wind.

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rainslacker1278d ago

Weather in a high speed race always seemed stupid to me. Cars travelling 200mph don't race in wet conditions for a reason. Indy car will race on a wet track with special tires, but other than that, it kind of kills the point of a race to race in the rain because everyone would be crashed or dead by the end of it.

It's one thing I didn't like about drive club TBH, since the dev seemed so hell bent on showing off it's weather effects in so many events.

Snow racing can be cool at times for the right kind of vehicles.

KiwiViper851278d ago

I've never seen a race cancelled due to rain... Driving to the conditions is just a part of racing.

rainslacker1278d ago

Depends on the kind of rain. Indy will race in wet conditions, including some sprinkling, but not actual rain. Nascar doesn't race in the rain, and might race depending on the track and how wet it is. In DC, they have torrential downpours and extreme snow conditions which doesn't really fit well with racing. There are other circuits out there which may race in the rain or snow, but I don't really pay that much attention to them. I know some offroad stuff will race in rain and whatnot.

I don't mind the feature being there for those that want it, or even some light rain, or the occasional race with an added challenge for something different, but actual races where I want to drive, I'd prefer it to be more realistic.

madmonkey011277d ago

Most race series run in the rain, including the top series like F1

IamTylerDurden11277d ago

It was gorgeous and fun in Driveclub tbh. The dynamic weather in Driveclub was amazing imo. GT is a different style game, i'm glad it will have night racing and weather.

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MagicBeanz1278d ago

Well this should shut some of the trolls up. Oh who are we kidding?

CBforeva1277d ago

Sadly, you are absolutely right. :/

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