North American PSN Flash Sale Is Happening

North American Pure PlayStation readers will be happy to know that their digital wallets will be getting a little lighter this weekend, thanks in no small part to Sony’s latest PSN Flash Sale.

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Null19801272d ago

Yes! Some really good deals on there! Merry Christmas to me. :D

thekhurg1271d ago

This is one of the best flash sales they've had in a long time. Some very good titles for ultra cheap.

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ifistbrowni1271d ago

I literally just bought Sound Shapes and Hitman Go for Vita. This happens to me all the time!

Null19801271d ago

I'm on the fence about Hitman Go. What do you think of it so far?

shabz66611271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Hitman go is fun. Great game to play on the bus or in a line at the bank.

Null19801271d ago

@shabz6661 I went ahead and got it. Yea, I love it so far! Pretty sure it's going to be my Plat #33!

opinionated1271d ago

Yeah I usually buy games that up as the free ps plus game lol. Grim fandango was the last one, I was pissed lol.

opinionated1271d ago

Awesome deals. Rogue legacy is worth five 5 bucks if you don't have it.

fenome1271d ago

Might have to pick up Arcania.

Sly-Lupin1271d ago

Aw, all the games worth buying... I already own.

Oh well.

Anyway, for $4, no one has any excuse any more. If you do not own Okami after today, you are officially a terrible human being and I pity you.

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The story is too old to be commented.