Microsoft enters license agreement to bring Minecraft to China


"Minecraft is official coming to China via license deal between Microsoft and Chinese internet firm NetEase.With how popular Minecraft is around the world, one would have thought there’s virtually no children in the world with access to a computer or a console, who has not touched the game. Turns out there’s still a huge untapped market for the world-building game to conquer, China, and Microsoft has just made a crucial move to put Minecraft on the local market, announces the Mojang homepage"

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dcbronco1276d ago

Add a billion to Microsoft's bottom line. Minecraft should do well in censorship crazy China.

Khaotic1276d ago

Damn you, I clicked on this to post add another billion in the pocket. Your quick good sir

iTechHeads1276d ago

None of us here are reading this from China.

Nivekki1276d ago

So people should ignore news because it isn't about the country they're from?

Kiwi661276d ago

Its more relevant than your logic though