Dear BioWare, About Mass Effect Andromeda

A letter to an old love about the future of a franchise.

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dead_pixels1280d ago

Here's hoping Andromeda stands right alongside ME2 as the best of the bunch.

gamer11381280d ago

Mass Effect 2's weaker story compared to ME1 is rescued by the strong characters it introduced, the awesome suicide mission, improved cinematic techniques they used(i.e. better camera angles, conversations in the heat of battle) and the amazing DLC expansions they dropped post release. To me the Project Overlord DLC was like an episode of classic Star Trek. Get a distress call, land on the planet, discover what happened.

It's why ME2 is my favourite of the series. And one of my favourite games of all time. Right next to Halo 1, Half Life 1 and 2.

MasterD9191280d ago

I actually prefer ME2's story because it gives the whole team building a true purpose. Plus, it literally is the reason for ME3's storyline and the Illusive Man betraying Shep.

Persistantthug1280d ago

Mass Effect 2's story was good, but the gameplay wasn't.

mryams1280d ago

Andromeda can't come soon enough for me, I hope E3 gives us a decent look.

BuffaloDill1280d ago

Hoping this is the Mass Effect that finally draws me into their universe.

SolidGear31280d ago

Didn't like the first Trilogy?

_-EDMIX-_1280d ago

Might have to agree with him. I didn't feel too drawn into the universe of Mass Effect like I was in lets say, The Witcher, Fallout, Elder Scrolls etc.

A bunch of codex info, the game is pretty short and you don't get to see a lot of natural NPC actions to really let the game tell you about the world in a natural setting.

Its basically Level to Level, some NPC chatter, on to the next mission. Where in other RPGs, in towns you get to see the daily life of other NPC's, races, cultures etc. Those type of things really immerse you and draw you in natural. Don't tell me about a race of people, let me see it, let me see their world, hear their people and see what they do.

That engages folks in a natural sense. Love Mass Effect series last gen, but that was major fault in the series, it just felt like all the games just rushed you through a tunnel and you just got a glimpse at their world.

Mass Effect, with the immersion of Fallout, Elder Scrolls or Witcher would be a real treat. I love the series last gen, but not enough to just lie and ignore what was wrong with it.

It can be better. With rumor of the whole planet to planet in real time being seamless ala No Man Sky, we could finally get that with Mass Effect Andromeda.

I also want a main story ,that is away from the side quest. Mass Effect has a great main game, but I feel MOST RPGs really shine when you are playing the side quest and the quest that really show off the world. I'm hoping for a 20 to 30 hour main campaign 60 hour side quest lol.

Ala Elder Scrolls ,Fallout, Witcher etc Some times I just want to naturally explore the world and not be led down a tunnel for the whole game. That is fun for the main quest, sure, but not the whole game.

TheCommentator1280d ago

I agree Edmix. More open world, more RPG, more exploration, more immersion. Mass Effect has lots of great things about it, but relative to more recent RPG's I can't help but think that ME's formula is outdated.

dead_pixels1280d ago

Hate to say it, but if ME2 couldn't make you appreciate the universe then it's just not for you. That game did some absolutely amazing worldbuilding.

derkasan1280d ago

I just hope there's a setup like the Suicide Mission in 2 - I really liked that dynamic.

Saijahn1280d ago

i remember the first time running that mission...only Joker survived lol. Seeing him stare at those caskets almost made me cry. I feel like going through the trilogy again now.

ZodiacEclipse1280d ago

I'm with ya. I feel like I need to go back and visit everyone.

ITPython1280d ago

Going platinum for ME2 is a truly awesome way to enjoy the game to its absolute fullest. Getting to that end scene and seeing all your teammates alive and walking around (vs the caskets) is just amazing.

gamer11381280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

How cool would it have been for players who got that ending where they had to play as joker in ME3 in some kind of mech suit to compensate for his brittle bones. Way more work would have been required...but they did crank ME3 out in 2 years. I guess we'll never know...

kraenk121280d ago

Please don't fuck it up Bioware. I'm craving for a great sci-fi adventure!

Agent_00_Revan1280d ago

That's all I'm worried about.

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The story is too old to be commented.