Eurogamer Previews Multiplayer of Killzone 2

Eurogamer: "Heavy Rain may have been the cover star of the Games Convention, with LittleBigPlanet jumping around in the background, but Killzone 2 was there as well, hidden away, much as it was at E3, with Guerrilla's Eric Boltjes and others keen to talk to the press about the multiplayer ahead of the game's increasingly close February 2009 release."

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xaphanze3707d ago

Why were Gamesradar the only ones complaining?

nycredude3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I dunno why but it sounded fishy at first to me that Gamesradar complained so much. Now that I read eurogamer's take and it sounds positive, it only makes Gamesradar's opinion sound like a downright lie! Eurogamer is notorioulsy tough on games so I will take their word for it over Gamesradar!

Either way this game is preordered and paid for so I could care less. Just to have multiplayer with that level of graphics is enough for me!

Overr8ed3707d ago

still in biased mode, but really how much people actually trust Gamesradar for reviews.

PimpHandStrong3707d ago

is bias

maybe not all the ppl at that site are but the person they asked to write up KZ was