Yooka-Laylee news, screenshots and details announced

LBG - Today, developer Playtonic Games finally lifted the curtain on a tonne of news, screenshots and details for their highly-anticipated, upcoming project Yooka-Laylee.

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NotanotherReboot1276d ago

I'm glad this game is coming to save us from generic crap like Watchdogs, The Division, Quantum break, etc.

Spurg1276d ago

Quantum break generic????
didn't know there is an oversaturation of games with time powers.

Cy1276d ago

Apparently everything that's made by a modern studio is generic, didn't you know? The height of originality is, of course, a 3D platformer modeled after a game made 18 years ago.

Fin_The_Human1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I am 99.99% sure that MS will announce a new Banjo game this year.

The question is who will be the developer... I am pushing for the guys that made Sun Set Overdrive, last I heard MS approached them to make a new Conkers but they declined because they were busy working on other projects and could not give 100% to the game which would not do the fans justice.

wonderfulmonkeyman1275d ago

As long as it doesn't involve f***ing CARS or something else stupid like that, I'll be happy to check that out on my roomie's XBone.
Heck, for that and Rare Replay, amongst other single player games that don't require me to shell out extra cash for Live, I might consider getting my own.

But if they don't do so, or they somehow do make a new one but it turns out to look suckish, then we've already got Yooka-Laylee coming down the pipe-line from Playtonic, and that'll suit me just fine as a Banjo fan.

gamingden1275d ago

Last year at E3 I got so excited when Phil Spencer came onto the stage with "one last announcement" dressed in a Rare Ltd. T-shirt. The announcement of Sea of Thieves was still great and all, but it's no Banjo Threeie. Here's hoping for this year!

garrettbobbyferguson1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

"That made Sun Set Overdrive"

Insomniac Games made SSO. The same developer who makes/made R&C. Though I'm not too optimistic with the performance of their latest title.

Relientk771276d ago

I really want a release date for this

gamingden1276d ago

I'm so pumped for July to actually be able to test out the Toy Box! It looks great so far.

Germany71275d ago

One of my most anticipated games this year.

Hoffmann1275d ago

Still waitin' for the Mighty 9!

Blacklash931275d ago

Oh man I'm looking forward to this one. This is a genre of platformers I miss.