Why Gamers Don’t Always Need a Single-Player Mode

Blizzard is already enabling millions of fans to create stories for their favorite heroes.

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1269d ago
Kyosuke_Sanada1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I do agree that not every game needs to have a single player experience however when it comes to storytelling I don't believe one is actually better than the other but just a different avenue. To say that story can't be open to interpretation due to it being in a campaign is a bit far fetched in my opinion because the same can be done if the great degree of writing and direction is applied to it (Great examples are Silent Hill or OFF).

In the end, it's pricing that tends to make or break multiplayer only titles because very rare do companies deliver content worth what they are asking. Then there is the fear of servers being closed too, dealing with cheaters and the like however these cons does not make single player the better half. They are both different flavors, how great they taste are based on the developers themselves.

ScorpiusX1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

We will always need A single player mode , cause not all of us want to play with people or in groups . Besides you can't play a MP when the internet is down and a game without a SP is not worth buying .

Aenea1269d ago

No, you're seeing that wrong, you only want single player games, doesn't mean every game should have single player.

BrianOBlivion1268d ago

Any game that wants to earn any money from me or people like me needs to have single player. Period.
No single player is a choice to forfeit a market. This recent trend of lying to that market by saying there's single player or a campaign when there really isn't is very short-sighted because it breeds distrust and gets companies boycotted. Respawn, Microsoft, Bungie blacklisted. EA, Dice, thin ice.

Aenea1268d ago


Not every game is for everyone, tastes differ, there's always something in certain games that can make people turn off of it, just see this as one of those reasons and move along...

Not every game needs SP AND MP both, it's silly to even want that. A game like COD or Battlefield don't need SP they are made because people who buy them want to play the MP part, why would they need to add SP to that? People who mainly play SP games suddenly don't get it then and if they do, they get it for the wrong reasons...

Also, with what game have publishers flat out lied that there was SP and turned out there wasn't? I honestly never seen that...

BrianOBlivion1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I agree. Some games are built from the ground up as a MP only and some as SP only and I'm good with that. I don't suggest or think that all games should be made for all players. I'm just pointing out that the value of my money, as someone who detests MP, is the same as anyone else' and the only way to get it is to provide a narrative single player experience. Deliberately making a game without a single player campaign is the same as saying that my money is of no interest.

CoD is a bad example. I have every one on my game shelf and every one has had a campaign. Battlefield is also a bad example. I've got 5 of them that have had campaigns.

When Titanfall came out, I bought it for the 360 on day one after hearing from multiple sources (including the dev reps) that it had a campaign. I popped the disc in and found out I was expected to purchase an xbox live gold membership to play. Why? Because I had been bold faced LIED to -the game was online only, multiplayer only and NO campaign. I brought the game back to the shop the next day, but was only able to get half my cash back on a trade in because it had been opened.
Battlefront is another example of lies. I played the original Battlefronts on the original Xbox -great well rounded games. This one however... zero story and a few training missions does in no way translate to single player gameplay. Same with Rainbow Six: Siege -more lies.
Destiny, Division and Need For Speed -all online only, going on about their single player experiences -more bullsh*t.
With Destiny there was a modicum of truth to it BUT I had to use a time-reset workaround to be able to solo the strikes because if Bungie had their way, I'd have been locked out of them altogether like I am from completing the Vault Of Glass. And I have also heard that there's no way to really complete The Division or NFS without forced MP.

level 3601269d ago

Nothing against multi-player, but single mode is always the best.

Aenea1269d ago

Then you skip the MP only games... Am sure you skip other games for other reasons as well, don't believe you buy and play every game out there...

WellyUK1269d ago

that's an opinion though... I prefer MP, i'd rather my MP games didn't have a tacked on SP. Battlefield for example.

MoveTheGlow1269d ago

I'm a single-player devotee, but I agree with the author on this one because Overwatch finally drew me into a multiplayer game. The beta was just too good, I'm a fan! And in the meantime, Doom's SP campaign is amazing, so I'm getting my fast-paced 90s-esque shooter campaign on the side.

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The story is too old to be commented.