And Now, A Pokémon Game For Adults (Not That Kind Of Adult)

I mean no offence by that, adult players of existing Pokémon games. But Pokémon Apex is a fan-made game that’s aimed specifically at post-puberty humans.

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Kalebninja1275d ago

This sounds awesome, I'm gonna give it a go.

Deadpooled1273d ago

I bet if it was a thumbnail of Misty showing a bit of cleavage you would be stating the opposite

Hoffmann1274d ago

inb4 the C&D + Cancellation

wonderfulmonkeyman1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

It removes all gym battles and the elite four, and its idea of "mature themes" is "examining the metaphor's of death in Shakespear's Hamlet" in a dialogue near the beginning, being forced to choose some really lame new-type starters by some sort of edgy evil group, and throwing cuss words into everyone's lines.

Also, you don't start out in the world of Pokemon; you're an "average guy" who's "Magically teleported to a world full of DEMONS called Pokemon".

It's just a really lame fan project that uses "Dark and Edgy" to try and make it SEEM mature, when in reality a lot of its themes are really just the kind of stupid crap you'd expect from the mind of an Emo teen.

It reeks with an aura of trying so desperately to SEEM mature that it only exposes how IMMATURE it actually is.

The majority of actual adults are just going to play the official Pokemon games.
More specifically Black&White, which actually have themes of standing against slavery and other stuff in it.
This isn't worth the data space it takes up.

AlphaBlackWolf961274d ago

Pokémon Edge Version, basically?

wonderfulmonkeyman1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Pretty much.

If I were the kind of person that supported remixed pirated Pokemon games like this [which I'm not], this wouldn't be my top recommendation, that's for sure.

Deadpooled1273d ago


I'm that kind of person who's been looking for a twist on the normal formula online, been doing so since PokemonCrater back in the mid 2000's before that got shut down. This looks lame

PurpHerbison1274d ago

How dare they insult Pokemon by trying something different! HMPH!

wonderfulmonkeyman1273d ago

XD Oh please.
This is just a blatant pirated copy of one of the Pokemon games, only modded a bit to be edgier and darker, in bad ways, in an effort to be "more mature", which it fails at doing.

You can use sarcastic snark all you like, but it really is just a bad fan mod of an otherwise good game.XD

DragonbornZ1274d ago

"In your world, people would call them demons"

Interesting story approach. Will try it out.

phoenixwing1274d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

this doesn't feel like a grown up post puberty game, it feels like a kids game still. I mean the person is still in high school for crying out loud.

Edit: Plus hamlet is about an adolescent as well if you get down to it. A pouty son who can't decide what to do. And as for another thing there could have been way more interesting ADULT morality choices. How about an adult having to choose which world to live in? The pokemon world where he/she shirks responsibilities and enjoys pokemon or the world where he/she has a family and needs to do right by them. Or how about the whole fact that they're basically making monsters/creatures that are intelligent fight one another and exploiting them. There could be a whole faction trying to stop people from battling with their pokemon/exploiting them and another group who advocates it for the advancement of humans and you have to decide which faction should win in the end. That's a moral delimna worth exploring. This game however is barely scratching the surface.

phoenixwing1273d ago

Anyways i think it's cool they made a game though. Still going to play it.

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