Playstation Now Europe Launch Imminent

The launch of Sony’s cloud gaming service, Playstation Now, is expected to be imminent for those in Europe.

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Aenea1271d ago

Indeed it is, actually, it already sorta works. Yesterday the app for it appeared in the Dutch PSN store, I could get a 7-day trial subscription. The app was later removed again and never appeared on my homescreen but I can play PS Now games when I select them thru the PSN store since the app can't be downloaded anymore it's still visible with all the PS3 games that it supports and selecting one of those will start it. Also the PS Now beta app now seems to work with the 7-day trial as well...

So it's up and running but they probably still wanted to change certain things. One thing I've noticed is that my console is all in English (I hate computer/console stuff and games in Dutch) but the regular PS Now app showed me Dutch text everywhere, the beta app still shows English. So they might have a few kinks to solve yet with the diff languages

Mr_Writer851271d ago

I'd use it more if it wasn't so expensive.

I sometimes think it would be better if you paid for your time rather than days.

Example if I rent a game for 3 days I have to play it in that 3 days. I'd prefer it meant I had 72 hours of gaming hours that I could take as long as I wanted to play.

madmonkey011271d ago

its pretty cool, especially for casual users that have it intergrated in a smart tv without using a console.

EazyC1271d ago

Is this successful in the US? Would this be feasible on my meagre 5mbps connection?

Nivekki1271d ago

I wouldn't get your hopes up mate.

Skate-AK1271d ago

5mbps is the minimum speed required. While it might run the game, I am not sure how well the game will preform. When the app goes live, you can test your internet speed and it will tell you if that is enough inside the app.

Nivekki1271d ago

I tried the trial for a week and couldn't get on with it. It was terrible, my connection is capable of pulling down 18 gb in an hour on my ps4 but I can't have a stable connection with PS Now? My connection on my ps3 and ps4 have always been a bit iffy compared to my pc but I was quite surprised by the performance.

Skate-AK1271d ago

That sucks man. I tried it with a 50mbps connection and it ran pretty well with just a hint of input lag. This is in the US region though. I am sure there are other factors that play into the servers running overseas.

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