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Doom is a name synonymous with gaming nostalgia and great FPS fun. Well, it's a freakin' classic and whether you're a gamer or not, you've most likely heard of it at least. The build up to the new Doom game has been huge, and we're ready to offer our full opinion on it.

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HarrisonBlade1277d ago

I seriously need money for this game.

I blame Bethesda for not giving me free vidya garmes.

crunchychocobo1277d ago

It's worth going into debt over. :D

ShadowKnight1277d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

It has the same metacritic review score as Halo 5 so far

UreVader1277d ago

Wait, wait, wait. I also need money for this game. And time. Can anybody spare a kilo of free time? Please...