GiN Review - Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island

John Breeden Writes:

"Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island has a lot of things going for it, and quite a few things that aren't. This is one of City Interactive's first forays into the US market and as such, is not too bad. Given the $20 price tag, you can probably forgive a lot of its little flaws. The game features a good story that emphasizes the French Foreign Legion, which is pretty cool since I don't think they have had a major entertainment role outside of a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.

You play Claude Boulet, a commando in the French Foreign Legion, which according to the game is actually an elite force. In movies they seem to be comprised of criminals forced to work off their time in the legion, but here they are an elite unit much like Delta Force or Seal Team Six. The cool thing is that the bad guys all yell and scream in a foreign language, but since your team member can understand what they are saying, you get the translation in subtitles. Mostly they say stuff like "I hear something!" or "I found him!" or even a curse or two, but it's a cool effect."

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