New, Better, More: Epic's Approach to Gears of War 2

This fall, the Epic-created, Microsoft published Xbox 360 Gears of War franchise goes from single, 4.7 million unit-selling game to an expanded franchise, with the launch of Gears of War 2. The team creating the game at Epic Games is keenly aware of the importance of this evolution.

Though the first title was praised for its all-round graphics prowess and slickness of play, it's clear there's room to improve -- especially in story construction and evolution -- for the sequel, and that's just what the team is trying to size up.

For the follow-on, franchise senior producer Rod Fergusson discusses with Gamasutra the execution of an attemped "New, Better, More" philosophy, the meaning of the title in the broader context, and the trials of managing a franchise that has grown well beyond games into other media like comics, novels, and a potential film.

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HighDefinition3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

New- Yes.
Better- Yes.
More- Not really, Sorry.

marinelife93728d ago

I don't understand it's supposed to be Gears of War. A War implies a battle with more than 5 on 5 combat that's not even a skirmish. Gears 2 is more like a brawl like the Pacers and Pistons.

They wouldn't call that a war on a grade school playground.

Montrealien3727d ago

I`m guessing you guys don`t like Gears of war, or the 360 for that matter?

3728d ago
DA_SHREDDER3728d ago

Im so sick of hearing about this game. Ive seen the vids, its more or less the same as the first one. Maybe if it had 10 vs. 10 it would be great for multiplayer,but this 5 vs. 5 is crap. Wow, such innovation. Ratchet and clank had more innovation and thats not even a multiplayer game. Maybe Insomniac should make a multiplayer Ratchet.

socomnick3728d ago

well get used to hearing about it because its the biggest game this fall. It will overshadow everything for a couple of months after it comes out.

Fishy Fingers3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Not every game has to innovate. Sometimes, especially with sequels people just want more of the same but improved upon. In that respect Gears 2 will be a success.

OOG3728d ago

well said fishy bubbs for u

Omega43728d ago

Yep R&C is so full of innovation in its seventh installment and millions of people lined up to buy it not to mention the dozens of GOTY awards it got....oh wait

blacsheep3728d ago

360 is maxed out gears 2 and developers statements prove it

Sez 3728d ago

ummm. like what dev's said that the 360 is maxed out. stop pulling sh!t out your ass. and the only people saying it's the same game as the first. is the people that won't be playing it.(ps3 owners)

Xavier_X3728d ago

"its more or less the same as the first one"

Yep, the first videos and screenshots of the game comparing it to the first one people were getting confused about which were the new shots and were actually praising the first game's screenshots as 'much improved'.

Epic's problem this time is no one is falling for the infamous fake Gears of War bullshots they so carefully made sure only got released for the first game.

The first Gears of War had the worst online of any commercial shooter in history. Massive lag, host advantage problems, and other networking glitching issues at least in part due to the lack of dedicated servers and instead using outdated P2P networking tech. People were so tired of playing Halo 2 they were willing to put up with anything back then. Too many other great online games now out there. For all the time they had to work on what looks to be almost the exact same game and they only managed to bump the absurdly low 4vs4 player count up to 5vs5 and still no dedicated servers is a joke for what is supposed to be the big title for the 360.

Xavier_X3728d ago

"360 is maxed out gears 2 and developers statements prove it "

Epic really has no one to blame but themselves. They played the fake marketing shot game with the first Gears of War and the press went along with them because the 360 desperately needed something to try to get rid of the Xbox 1.5 label.

No one is falling for it this time and so the actual in game screenshots of Gears of War 2 that had everyone in shock over how bad they looked end up looking like a huge downgrade from the first game's bullshots.

3728d ago
Man_of_the_year3728d ago

I find it funny that you are sick of this game...however you don't seem too sick about all the LBP articles and all the R2 articles..funny...i also see you in every 360 thread bashing any and all related to 360.

PS3n3603728d ago

please explain how a game like GT5 is so radically different from the last 4 versions. If you hate gaming so much maybe you should play with Barbie's

TheDude2dot03728d ago

I for one never really got into this game. It just pissed me off all the time.

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SpecialSauce3728d ago

why change things and risk fukin it up? only game i have a problem with is the halo series. haven't changed much since the first one. and it needed changes in areas.

GameOn3728d ago

but it far from perfect. hopefully gears 2 is well balanced and less glitches.
Me and my m8 were playing on the same team the other day and at the start of every round my mate wasnt there. Instead he was a camera floating around. Gears is full of completely random glitches and its annoying.

deeznuts3728d ago

Popin, occasional slowdowns, and mid level loading is perfect?

I had fun, no doubt, it was a fun game. I wished it was longer though. Wait, doesn't that right there imply it wasn't perfect?