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A more powerful Wii U and 3DS in one box would be a decent value proposition for the hardcore Nintendo fan, but it’s unlikely to entice people in as the Wii did. And this time around, Nintendo will need to sell more than 12m consoles to justify the R&D costs, and to stop investors and analysts calling for them to move to being a pure software house. So what are the possibilities? Rumour has it the NX will use similar chipsets to the Xbox One and PS4, but without significant extra horsepower, the lure of a few easily ported 3rd party games is hardly likely to excite consumers. VR has already jumped the gun, and what little information that exists in terms of possible specs would suggest that the core NX box is unlikely to be powerful enough anyway. What Nintendo needs is a hook, but something different to the controls of the Wii and the gameplay experience of the Wii U.

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AnubisG1271d ago

Well, Nintendo fans do like hand helds so if I wouldn't be suprised if Nintendo went that rout.

wonderfulmonkeyman1271d ago

I'm still fairly certain that there's going to be a home console element to this.
Squeenix wouldn't be looking at bringing FF15 to it, if it wasn't.

IanBear1271d ago

Whilst our article is basically all speculation about what we'd like/ expect to see, I can't see there not being the ability to at least plug into a TV, even if it was at the furthest end of our predictions!

LOL_WUT1271d ago

If it's going to be like the WiiU but on the go, then we shouldn't expect it to be some powerhouse. It's always one or the other ;)

link2Dpast1271d ago

I just could never get into the handheld market. I do have them and I try my damn hardest to like it but the lack of screen size and having to look down at it never could get use to that.

Darkwatchman1271d ago

I love the convenience of handhelds. The screen size isn't much of an issue. If you can use a phone and browse websites and comment like I am using my phone now, you can play games on a handheld.

Also, I love rpg's and all subgenre's of rpg's and even offshoots like tactical and strategy games even when they don't have many or any RPG elements and all of those are so convenient to play anytime and anywhere.

Rpg's are so long and time consuming and playing games like that any time and any place is an absolute godsend. After playing Persona 4 Golden on PSVita, for example, I could not imagine having played that game on the ps2. Not only did it have more content, better visuals, and more acting, but on top of that, you could take it anywhere???? Handhelds are the best.

RosweeSon1271d ago

Yeah handhelds are great... Especially for the night shift each week ;)

IanBear1271d ago

I think based on the potential chips which AMD have spec'd even if there is a handheld option, the size needed rules out a pure handheld device, even if a 3DS replacement or 2nd screen device was also bundled in!

RosweeSon1271d ago

I get screen size on say a GBA micro but these days I don't get it at all sure I've got a 32" telly and it looks great for the big games and that but I sit the other side of the room away my Telly, I don't do that when I'm playing my handheld of course as I wouldn't be able to control it but because of that its that much closer to my face the screens pretty large much larger I'd have to hold it at arms length to see it all. I don't want a 32" handheld thanks ;) can't get that in your bag let alone your pocket.

RosweeSon1271d ago

NX Is its own thing they've already said this, what we don't know, I'd say it's defo home console but possibly with a truly pimped dreamcast VMU style unt that you can take out and carry on games or okay different modes using this handheld element... Will this replace the 3ds 100% no. It's a Seperate thing altogether new media format supposedly meaning maybe Backwards compat dropped for first time in years for Nintendo. They've not mentioned once that they are discontinuing let alone even discounting Wii U's at the moment what's to say they don't keep em going like Sony has PS3 Microsoft had Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U had a Mini Wii launched not long after their next gen consoles launched.
NX being its Seperate thing makes me think they'll keep Wii u out for another year or so sell up any existing stock and continue to release games for VC.

NX will come out do its own thing be more like an Xbox one if not ps4 in power (I personally don't think Nintendo will go that techy) but yeah I'm sure 3ds being as its been a pretty major success for Nintendo will get its own sequel in its own right, 4ds? Who knows but yeah NX is a brand new thing could well be a dual home/handheld console and sure Wii u will get dropped in a year or so but if they can still sell a few they will, and 3ds will get a sequel regardless of whether NX Offers a handheld element. 4ds or whatever it's called will be a dedicated handheld. Exciting times.

3-4-51270d ago

* I love my 3DS & Wii U. The NX if it is a console just needs to be better than the Wii U. The next handheld just needs to be better than the 3DS.

* I don't compare negatively to other consoles or whatever....don't have time for that.

* The PS5 doesn't have to be better than anything other than the PS4, and the next Xbox doesn't have to be better than anything but the Xbox One.

I'm excited for all possible future consoles & dedicated handhelds.

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