Gran Turismo Sport beta has been cancelled

The planned beta for Gran Turismo Sport has been cancelled in order for the game to launch this year, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has told VideoGamer.

The beta had been announced alongside the game back in October 2015.

"That's something that I'm very, very sorry about," said Yamauchi while talking about the beta. "In order to do a beta test we have to make a gold master of the beta test code, and for us it actually takes as much effort as to finish the real master code of the actual game."

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Septic1277d ago

Ah not good. Well I think they are going all out to ensure the November release since this is only 50% complete. Best of luck to Polyphony

thereapersson1277d ago

I would rather they not release this game during the holidays. It could benefit from an extra amount of development time, and I believe that next spring would be a good idea. Sony is probably pushing PD to get the game out for the holiday season.

Septic1277d ago

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if this for delayed tbh. Sony are probably pressuring PD to get it out due to the VR launch.

thereapersson1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

It's unfortunate because while I'm heavily anticipating the launch of Morpheus this year and I'm super excited to be able to experience GT in a VR setting (my goodness!), I wouldn't want the former to affect the overall quality of the game.

Regardless, It's still too early to judge at this point (only in mid-May thus far). I'm loving what I'm seeing from this title thus far, and I hope that PD can meet their technical goals to provide a winning product.

PR_FROM_OHIO1277d ago

They want it out so they can sell PSVR units I'm afraid! I feel for PD bc they know this game is probably going to fail.

freshslicepizza1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

ha, the pressure is on to get a big game out for psvr. sony is also likely trying to juggle ps4 neo in there.

don't worry, even if its not in the 90's for reviews it will sell lots like gt prologue because they have so many loyal fans. the real gt will be gt7 but don't expect that until 2018. sony needs to hire a project manager to get their asses in gear, they waste way too much time.

gt7 was actually scheduled for 2014 and they said the ps4 was so much easier than the ps3 to work on. yet here we go with more delays and setbacks.

Dee_911276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

@PR_FROM_OHIO Yes, Kaz is clearly worried..

The only Gran Turismo to not be released in Nov/ Dec was GT3.

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thereapersson1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

-wrong reply box-

HaveAsandwich1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

lmao its downvoted

ShowanW1277d ago

Is Sony really willing to possibly tarnish the Gran Turismo name to push VR?

Gran Turismo, fan base may not be so forgiving if this doesn't pan out.

Maybe Sony should let a 3rd party AAA game be the buzz for VR this holiday, or retool Drive Club for VR...

Give GT the time (and respect) it' needs to deliver an ultimate racing game...

freshslicepizza1277d ago

sorry but driveclub lost its buzz at launch. the game looks awesome now but the problems it had cannot gain them the profile game needed.

luckily for sony they still have the momentum of ps4 sales to carry them through any bumps. i am curious to see if sony is trying to get ps4 neo out for psvr and juggle certain games around it. i'm afraid this game and it's high profile ip name is being used to help push psvr but will set-back gt7 for a couple of years now.

ShowanW1277d ago

@Moldybread.. yeah DC didn't come out in the best state possible, but it's a pretty decent game as of today.

I'm not personally a super fan of Sim Racers (Burnout Paradise arcade'y are more for me)...

But GT fans may hate Sony, if the game doesn't pan out...

kevinsheeks1277d ago

Lmao seems you have a little fandom of hate attached to you lol

CaptainObvious8781277d ago

Sadly, I think what people are saying here is probably true.

Sony is probably going to be pushing out GT Sport for the PSVR regardless of what state it's in.

I'd like to know why it takes polyphony digital so long to develop each game.

The recent trailer looks good, but considering the time they should have spent on the game, I feel it should look better.

Obscure_Observer1276d ago

You´re absolutelly right! Tbh don´t feel sorry for them! Sony has been GREAT allowing it´s dev teams to take as much time as they want and doing it so often, they become complacent, lazy and irresponsable.

Turn 10 had delivered 2 Forzas and a PC port (Forza Apex) and Poly can´t even delivery a propper next gen experience after all this time.

Replace Yamauchi and bring back Paul Rustchynsky from Evolution and make him director of the GT Franchise

It´s time evolve and move on

rainslacker1277d ago

Unfortunately, I agree with you, and that concerns me since they said it was only 50% complete. While I play GT for the SP mostly, I really don't want to see something along the lines of DC again. I guess it depends on what 50% is complete.

lvl_headed_gmr1277d ago

Sony is breaking their promise of a beta...thats so unheard of from them...

Typical. Another DriveClub on our hands...

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Rookie_Monster1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Kazunori Yamauchi ""very, very, sorry" but beta would have pushed the game into 2017."

Wth? How can a beta affect a launch? Never heard that before. A beta is to test the network code for potential game breaking bugs and without one, we are defintely going to have issue at launch. Not good.

That and the news about it is only 50% complete really put doubt if the game is even going to make this year's launch. This is disappointing to say the least as I was looking forward to the beta. :/

extermin8or1277d ago

Very easily they have to have a proper playable code of the game rather than the in development code they use in studio. He does explain in his statement....

SpaceRanger1277d ago

There's no sense in trying man. You're right, his statement in the article clearly lays it out. Unfortunately, the concern trolling comments will continue no matter how well you help them understand it.

freshslicepizza1277d ago

let the conspiracy theories begin, they are trying to hide ps4 neo so they decided to cancel the beta.

TwoForce1277d ago

What about Xbox 1.5 ? Is that also conspiracy theory ?

Goldby1277d ago

If sony releases a neo,itll be march to combat nintendo. Not holiday to combat its own accessory

sadsatan1277d ago

i'd rather play in november than 2017 so i suppose i'm ok with this. i hope the graphics get a huge lift as it's not very pretty (i understand it's only 50% complete)

Dee_911276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )
For some reason, some people - whom I'd bet a nickel never played gt6, or haven't played in a long time- have this rose tinted memory of gt6's graphics..
More comparisons incoming...

NotanotherReboot1277d ago

Looks like Gran Turismo will be the next Driveclub

Rookie_Monster1277d ago

Not in graphics but pertaining to potential delays, then yes, it might just be. Hope it is not though, as I need games for my $400 PSVR this holiday.

agame9141277d ago

You have to have a PS4 first before u can have PSVR

Rookie_Monster1277d ago

@agame9142h ago
"You have to have a PS4 first before u can have PSVR"

Yea, I bought a PSVR for my health. ;)

lvl_headed_gmr1277d ago've already pre-ordered and or made up your mind to purchase a $400 peripheral knowing there are no games?

You are whats wrong with the industry.

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PR_FROM_OHIO1277d ago

DriveClub makes GTSport look like a PS2 game though lol! And DC was actually good IMO

Imalwaysright1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

The game still has months of development and will look better by release but since they're targeting 60 fps, I'd say that is impossible to match the overall graphical fidelity of DC.

itsmebryan1277d ago

Yes, but Drive Club at least looked better.

garrettbobbyferguson1277d ago

That would be incredibly idiotic to allow to happen as Gran Turismo is one of Sony's most popular games.

rainslacker1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

As of right now there is nothing to indicate that. There wasn't even anything to indicate it with DC until the day it released, because it worked fine for the reviewers.

Can't we at least wait until something bad happens before we start calling it the next driveclub? Do we really need the next 7 months to be filled with this argument which may not even be applicable?

Cancellation of the beta was down to resources. They'd prefer to put the resources into getting the game ready in time. Going by the statement in the article, it has nothing to do with trying to subvert any kind of negative feedback on the game, nor does a beta guarantee a game will work day one.

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Satyre281277d ago

O boy. Sony cannot allow another Drive Club fiasco, S*** will hit the fan.

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