8 Big Announcements We Want To See At E3 2016

Alex Gibson from WGTC writes "With E3 2016 on the horizon, we take a look at 8 big announcements we'd like to see happen."

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MrsNesbitt1272d ago

Bethesda and Crash are on my agenda. A new elder scrolls and return of the mascot! Keep the faith!

naruga1272d ago

the only thing that will excite me this E3 will be only Crash -back-to -Sony announcement and maybe a Kojima game trailer..

Tobsesan1272d ago

Sony never had the rights to crash, so how can they go back? Or do you mean crash reboot exclusive for ps4? Wont happen since Activision likes multiplat

Realms1271d ago


What? How do you think Spyro was made, Universal owned the rights Insomniac developed the game and Sony published it. You know there is such a thing as business partnerships right, so how is a Sony & Activision partnership impossible.

iDadio1272d ago

Man a new Elder Scrolls would be great even just an announcement would be enough for now.

Saw someone on a similar thread saying they hoped for "Skyrim 2", I facepalmed myself out my chair.

Maple221271d ago

What, you mean there won't be another Skyrim? I jest, of course. I don't care if it is only an announcement for a game that we won't see for another year or so, I just need a glimmer of something from the next Elder Scrolls.

TheHip141271d ago

Feel like that won't happen but would also love to see it.

Unholy_Witchcraft1271d ago

Wouldnt mind new TES but they need a fresh new game engine. Updating Morrowind engine is getting stale

ninsigma1272d ago

Need me more ff7R info/gameplay!

Kurisu1272d ago

Agreed! But I don't think we will get anything more on it until at least TGS, which takes place two weeks before FFXV releases.

ninsigma1272d ago

Yeah I think so too. It's gonna be all about FF15 until it's release I'd imagine. My bets on we won't see anything more concrete until the next ps experience.

zcmilano1272d ago

Desperate to know what is happening with RE7.. Crash would be sweet also.

Movefasta19931272d ago

Lately been playing dmc3hdcollection,the game is amazing. I want a dmc5 more than anything.

EazyC1272d ago

-Red Dead
-Midnight Club
-Fallout by Obsidian/old Black Isle Fallout 1&2 guys

I would implode if they happened, but I will graciously take ANY of them

Movefasta19931272d ago

oooh Another Obsidian Fallout will be Gold.New Vegas was the best.And another midnight club would be gold too.

EazyC1272d ago

Yes, although I think it might be too soon, seeing as Fallout 4 hasn't finished its DLC cycle yet

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The story is too old to be commented.