What you need to know about Nvidia's Pascal architecture

MWEB GameZone writes: "We take a closer look at the Pascal architecture and why you should care about it"

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HanCilliers1591d ago

Nice breakdown, but all it comes down to is: This thing is amazing & you'll need lotsa dollah to get it.

Fishy Fingers1591d ago

'A lot' is obviously subjective but the GTX1080 and perhaps more so the 1070 are going to offer terrific value for money at least where GPUs are concerned.

XtraTrstrL1591d ago

Also, don't get it day 1. They're inflating the price by $100, just to get sucker early adopters. Wait until the 3rd parties work on the $599 MSRP version, rather than the Founders Edition they'll all be selling on the 27th. I'm personally waiting for the Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming GTX 1080. So, probably somewhere around mid to late June I expect to get one for hopefully no more than $650. Hopefully the rip-off $700 price will have shot down since then, and since the 1070 will be so much cheaper.

2pacalypsenow1591d ago

so wanting to have a product when it launches makes you a sucker?

XtraTrstrL1590d ago


"Wanting" to have it at launch doesn't make you a sucker. It's actually paying the extra $100 to actually get it a few days to a week or so early is what makes you a sucker. Especially when you consider there's no OC or plus side to the hardware, other than their supposed "premium parts", that they stumbled around trying to explain here -

hamzilla1591d ago

How do you know it's crap? AMD trolls......