The Evolution Of Gran Turismo

FENIX Bazaar writes: Sony finally unveiled the latest entry in its flagship racing series: Gran Turismo Sport. Let’s take a look back over the series, from its humble beginnings as a PSOne racer, to hardcore racing simulator in the 21st century.

The first in the acclaimed GT series to hit PlayStation 4, early footage and details of Gran Turismo Sport have hardcore fans clamouring for more tidbits, which we’ll undoubtedly get at E3 next month.

Featuring 137 “super premium” cars, 19 locations, and 27 different track layouts, Gran Turismo Sport is undoubtedly the biggest “secondary release’ in Gran Turismo history, easily eclipsing the offerings of the Concept and Prologue series’.

Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate the Gran Turismo, and take a look back at just how far the series has come since its debut in 1998.

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yewles11280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

GTSport is one of those rare times the spin-off is actually a bigger deal than the main-line release.