Battleborn is a (Good) Free-to-Play Game Wearing a $60 Price Tag

Despite Battleborn costing $60, a little digging reveals a game that almost certainly was designed to be a multiplayer-focused free-to-play experience. Should the game have stuck to that strategy?

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Null19801270d ago

I played the beta, and was surprised to find out that they were going to be charging for the full release. I play Smite on my PS4... completely different gameplay mechanic, but still a MOBA. I've had more fun with it (completely free to play) than with my time in the Battleborn beta. That's not to say I didn't enjoy Battleborn. I may pick it up for dirt cheap some day. But $60 seems ridiculous.

LucasRuinedChildhood1270d ago

It really does look like a

Soldierone1270d ago

Being honest, Overwatch provides even less content and I'd still prefer paying full price for that over Battleborn. If I'm not mistaken, DLC maps for Battleborn are not even free either.

mister_zolos1270d ago

if im not mistaken the co-op-story missions are part of the paid DLC other than that more characters and VS maps will be free to all the players

Soldierone1265d ago

Yeah, just saw them clarify that. Thank goodness. I've yet to finish a single story mission because my team(s) always gets owned at the last part of it.... I lead teams every time I try and yet I'm still like 0 for 20 trying to just finish one....