Fallout 4 Far Harbor: How to Get the New Companion, Old Longfellow

On top of all of the quests, enemies, and weapons added to Fallout 4 via Far Harbor, there’s a new companion as well. Old Longfellow is a lot like you.

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TheBeguiler1276d ago

Good to see President Snow has work after The Hunger Games lol

Orejillz1275d ago

He's not one afraid of work it seems.

NickBiazzo12311276d ago

far harbor has been a blast this far!

psyduck1276d ago

Still holding out for Fallout 4 until the inevitable "complete" or "game of the year" edition. Bookmarking lots of these guides for reference later...

Orejillz1275d ago

I don't blame you due to the price, but Bethesda has surprised me with how well Automatron and Far Harbor were made. The workshop was cool but not really an "expansion". This one is nothing short of amazing though.

SolidGear31275d ago

I got the platinum 3 weeks after launch and Far Harbor is the only DLC I'm interested in so I'll get it soon enough.