The best way to upgrade your Xbox 360...

HEXUS.gaming take a look at some of the current deals available and examine whether its worth upgrading your Core/Arcade or 20GB Xbox 360 models to the 60GB or Elite.

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Kevin Pereira5150d ago

"The best way to upgrade your Xbox 360"
Trade it in for store credit and get a PS3.

theKiller5150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

... get a ps3??

SpecialSauce5150d ago

i knew some one was gonna say that.

Pain5150d ago

i wanted to say that!!

bosels115150d ago

I saw it too, I was going to say it also - but I see u beat me too it

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Raoh5150d ago

LMFAO so the solution they have is to trade it in for a newer model...


sadly makes sense due to the original being hdmi'less

and i guess it makes more sense than people trying to purposely overheat their 360 so the warranty will kick and hopefully receive an upgraded model.....

sack_boi5150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

It's a console lol. That's how it's suppose to be. I guess.

Tweedy5150d ago

And what exactly is so bad about that idea Cahill?

FantasyStar5150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

I hope you're kidding because that's the dumbest thing you can do. Freezing temperatures freeze the capacitors inside the 360 along with any vapor that was in there. The moment you take it out, the capacitors condense, the air thickens and the humidity turns to water that's brushed all over your 360 internals. I don't need to cite 1st Grade science to tell you that Water + Electronics = BAD.

VigorousApathy5150d ago

Yeah but the X-Box gets so hot you need a refrigerator to equalize the temperature to normal.

vdesai5150d ago

Most modern electronics use Electrolytic capacitors, so there would be no problem with them. The only problem you would have is the water vapor after wards that would be left all over it. If you are dumb enough to plug it in you would short something if not that then you would have water vapor all over your DVD lens so ya its not a good idea.

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Dark SeRaNADE5150d ago

hahahah ive tried that :( mines didnt overheat, no matter what i did! :O surprising that too

theKiller5150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

just took the words out of my mouth


i wonder why would anyone will bother to upgrade their 360? if they upgrade it means its costing them more than ps3, like that they might just buy a ps3(the best console with best games)

360 is dying, and now its the perfect time to sell it while there is still some demand for it!! later on in 2009 there will be no demand for it and it will be hard to find someone to buy it from u, also u will have to sell it with very cheap price!!

all bots will jump ship this and next year to ps3! even theMART and pp

why so serious bots?

fufotrufo5150d ago

best games??? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahah

Did sony created some exclusive ps3 games just for you? cus people can't find your fictional games in stores hahahaha

GameDev5149d ago

anyday over those messy, gimped, low texture,framerate turtles that are 360 games. Talk about overhyping and underdelivering, the 3fixme is the biggest POS to ever hit the console market. Hell even xbox1 had better quality games.

juuken5150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

...And if you want to upgrade the PS3, you can change the HDD with a bigger one that's cheaper?

Oh wow...this is just pathetic.

That settles it. Not getting a 360 anytime soon.