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The video games are coming with best new and improved graphics nowadays. But indeed only graphics aren’t necessary as we know there are many game with low graphics but have great story and impressive characters. Here are 5 worst games with the best graphics.

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Null19801281d ago

Actually surprised that the Division was included here. Early pre-release graphics looked amazing, but the final release on all platforms took a serious downgrade. Wouldn't consider it the best of anything. Typical Ubisoft *ahem- Watchdogs.

Stupid1281d ago

I think Watch Dogs doesnt have best graphics

SolidGear31279d ago

He meant it was downgraded like Watch Dogs.

MyOpinionIsRight1279d ago

The order has the best graphics out of the games on the list. But it isn't the worst. It's rated slightly higher than Ryse on Metacritic

Majister-Ludi1278d ago

Yea but metacritic proves nothing. Ryse while repetitive was enjoyable and I can't say the same for the order. Honestly a weird list 4 out of 5 are OK games not great but I wouldn't call them bad.

Soulrakk1279d ago

I'm not one to come to the Division's aid for anything because it's been rocky, but that's been overstated. It's been proven many times that the game still compares to early look.

nowitzki20041278d ago

I played on PC and it looked incredible, I couldnt believe how amazing it looked when it snowed, but they should have focused more on the gameplay as I got bored of it in less than a week and have not played since.

WeAreLegion1279d ago

These are all solid games. What the heck?

And fix your mobile site. What a chore.

SolidGear31279d ago

These are all good games. The Order being GOTY contender. Wtf?

Majister-Ludi1278d ago

Lol wow never seen someone say that. GOTY for the order lol wow.

SolidGear31278d ago

Top 10 for last year at a minimum. It's my favorite PS4 exclusive next to Uncharted 4, Soma and Until Dawn.

1279d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.