Assassins' Altair promotes PEGI

An Assassins Creed-themed PEGI video hit Danish television this week, of a man dressed as Altair telling parents about violence and the appropriateness of certain games for their children.

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chasuk083702d ago

I dont why the hell this got approved when the majority of readers on N4G cant understand it !

ZombieNinjaPanda3702d ago

Anyway, as I have been saying this whole time.

Parents should only get m rated games for there kids when they think they're mature enough to handle them.

Smart enough to realize the difference between gaming and reality.

XXXCouture3702d ago

They should do stuff like this in America, instead of just suing everyone, and blame everyone.

morriss3701d ago

if you read the whole story you'll see what it says.

FantasyStar3702d ago

It still looks good! I want an Altair costume now because it'll come with god-like acrobatics and I get a hidden blade too!

RageFan3701d ago

It is Sebastian Dorset, a Danish comedian. But i also don't know why it's postet here???