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ninsigma1281d ago

Really good points made by both guys here. That was an enjoyable read and I agree with both. I don't limit myself to one type of rpg so I enjoy a wide variety of different RPG games and certainly it's more about the quality over the actual type of rpg a game is and whether the setting is interesting to me.

Kreisen1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

I always preferred Wrpgs becouse of how they seem to always put you, the player, at the center of things. In Jrpgs it tends to be the opposite both in terms of story and gameplay. You are always the little child being dragged around by his ears, you get to meet the cool characters, you get to have them in your party, but you never get to be like them.

GrimmyReaper1281d ago

Hmm, In wonder if maybe that's part of why Persona is so loved.

It's labeled as a JRPG but the player is CLEARLY the center of it all, the cool kid, gets all the girls, is THE hero of the game.

That said, can't wait for Persona 5! :D

Omnislashver361280d ago

I always thought that was a stark plus for JRPGs. Even your heroes had heroes, which is more realistic. And while they might be apathetic ego-centric badasses, they didn't consider themselves the center of the world, rather they just did the right thing when the time comes, again, more realistic. When worst comes to worst, their followers are even heroes, which makes so much damn sense. You say that like it's a bad thing. If you don't have your own heroes in real life, and don't consider your friends to be heroes because you must be 'at the center of things' you have a problem.

I'm not saying you can't have an opinion about RPGs, I'm just saying your argument's logic is just pretty piss poor.

Kreisen1280d ago

Logic? Logic dictates putting the player into the shoes of a silly child leads to financial ruin! There is a very good reason why practically every western game turns the player into this godlike behemoth. People love that shit!

xtheblackparade1281d ago

Funny site name and nice to see a public discussion started on it. One point of critique: when wrpg guy is done making his point, jrpg guy opens with defending from points made by the other guy. While wrpg just didnt really get his point in the first place. That could use some editing before it got published, but in all good article.

lockedongamer11281d ago

Part of what makes a good discussion is to point out the positives of the other side and then countering with the negatives and what's good about your side.

xtheblackparade1281d ago

Yeah I get that, but this wasn't positive. He was just defending his own view because the other guy misinterpreted it.

Pledius1281d ago

Couldn't read past from the first point Jerry made...
He says he can't handle JRPGs gameplay of waiting turns for fights, which is why he says he prefers WRPG because gameplays are in realtime... and then he says "that is what draws me into fallout and the elder scroll"

sorry if you got draw into fallout and TES because of real time fight holy shit I lost all respect on your opinion

ninsigma1280d ago

Does it really matter that he got drawn into those games?? The whole point of the article is to bring to light positives in both and there is no wrong or right,

jambola1279d ago

because the gameplay is what draws him into a game?

1261d ago