NX Launch Lineup Predictions

The NX, Nintendo’s mysterious console, finally has a release window of March. We know almost nothing about the console, yet rumors keep on coming. There has been the odd whispers of certain developers already working on NX games, and with the Wii U lineup of 2016 basically non-existent, you can only think that Nintendo has switched its attention to making a solid launch lineup for the NX. But which games can we expect? The Game Bolt team offer their predictions and hopes on what games we’ll see bundled with the NX come 2017.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1270d ago

Zelda's basically a lock, and we've got various third parties saying they want to bring their games to the system.
Dragon Quest is basically already confirmed for it, and FF15 will probably be there too.
Smash is rumored, but I'm hoping it'll be a combination of Wii U and 3DS features instead of just a straight port.
Maybe a new Metroid? We can only pray...

_-EDMIX-_1270d ago

"we've got various third parties saying they want to bring their games to the system"

.....maybe. To my memory, they are if Nintendo's situations are in order. So that isn't a 100% thing right now.

wonderfulmonkeyman1270d ago

There are at least two or three that have definitely said yes, but I'll have to go checking through the net for a bit to confirm.
But in any case, we should be hoping for and encouraging it instead of doubting it.
Positive reinforcement will paint a clearer picture for third parties than people saying "we're positive third parties won't be there.", as far as whether or not there's supporters waiting for them on NX.
It's all about image.

_-EDMIX-_1270d ago

"There are at least two or three that have definitely said yes" ?


Any luck finding those sources as I don't recall any major publishers giving a 100% thumbs up to NX. Why would they at this moment unless something has changed?

What EA has stated even what Square has stated sounds like their stance is what MOST publishers stance are at this point with Nintendo.

Yes.....if Nintendo actually fixes the issues they had with Wii U, anyone that said no to Wii U and left, I'm not sure will be willing to spend money on NX development if things are not different. Ubisoft outright stated they are not even putting M rated games on Wii U, I don't really see that changing with NX unless NX has this HUGE turnaround with hardware and architecture ie x86.

"But in any case, we should be hoping for and encouraging it instead of doubting it" ?

I'm going off of what we've known them to do. This isn't prayer session, they either have it setup to aid 3rd party or not. The ball is in Nintendo's court in regards to making a platform easy to use.

Its likely why you see so many on the fence. I'm just not really that surprised considering Wii, Wii U etc. Nintendo needs to do something to get 3rd party support, meaning that its MORE likely they keep things the same, then radically change them.

Did they for Wii U? Its why EA and Square and many are even on the fence in the first place, it isn't their first Nintendo console.

We'll have to wait and see.

Any luck on those sources bud?

BrandanT1270d ago

Monkey, it's a little off topic, but I remembered that the original 3ds released in March.

wonderfulmonkeyman1270d ago

I think that's right, but I'd have to double-check...
Okay, double-checked it, and you're right.
March 27, 2011.

It could be argued that it's not the same thing because it's a hand-held and the NX is a home console [presumably], but a console's a console and the release date of March does stand as a precedent for a release month.

_-EDMIX-_1270d ago

@Wonder- I feel its because its a hybrid and more so a handheld.

I think NX is Nintendo's warm exist out of the dedicated console market.

I firmly believe NX is pretty much a handheld that outs to TV either wirelessly or with wires or both. ala PSP3000.

They put the whole install base on 1 platform, all development on 1 platform and both TV console fans and handheld fans get what they want, AND they won't actually need western 3rd party support that typically doesn't make handhelds.

Answers why it has no disk too (rumor).

Them leaving the dedicated console market I feel is good for them as they can't keep fragmenting the market, wasting money and over all alienating gamers. If they can't support both markets, stop splitting them and just make the device both and call it a day.

conanlifts1270d ago

Pikmin 4 might feature as a launch title too.

Takwin1270d ago

Mario 3D
Pikmin 4
Donkey Kong

Holiday 2017:
Mario Kart
Smash Bros
Mario 2D

Mario Golf
Mario RPG
Captain Toad
Hyrule Warriors
Animal Crossing
Dragon Quest
lots of new IPs

All non-exclusive games should make it to the NX as long as it is at least as powerful as the PS4, and if it is a hybrid system, then a lot of people would consider new games on it as it would have a lot more variety of use.

RosweeSon1270d ago

They will wait a year to re release captain toad? Hyrule Warriors again? I don't think so. Don't think captain toad will get a re release only just launched on Wii U. It's hardly a system seller good little game tho.

_-EDMIX-_1270d ago

? yet Twilight Princess and Wind Waker got ported? Buddy, they can re-release what ever they feel and nothing is really out of the realm of being ported by them.

Imalwaysright1270d ago

A fully realized 3d pokemon game would make the NX outsell the Wii U in 4 or 5 months. That is what Nintendo should do... but they won't :(

DillyDilly1270d ago

Remasters of Wii U titles most likely

wonderfulmonkeyman1270d ago

Hey, if Sony and Microsoft can get away with it, why not Nintendo?XD

DillyDilly1270d ago

Sony & Microsoft at least have third party games when for the NX it will just be Zelda & Nintendo Remasters

_-EDMIX-_1270d ago

Why not? For a platform that sold the way it sold, they are correct to make as much money as they can on that software. I see MOST of their top Wii U games getting remastered.

Nothing wrong with that too, as people like me didn't buy an NX and would still play some of those titles.

RosweeSon1270d ago

Twilight princess hasn't been out for at least 5 years, wind Waker had also been years, bit different to 2 games that have been out in the last year and one that's already been ported from Wii U to 3ds.

_-EDMIX-_1270d ago

@Ros- that's nice.

At the end of the day the Wii U sold their least they're going to seek their return by porting those games to make more money I see no reason for them to continue to lose money on a dead platform they need to make as much money as they can on that software.
I'm not sure why you thought the relevance of the years mattered at the end of the day they need to still seek a return on some of that software and I believe it's wise for them to Port those titles over.

@wonder- there's also no evidence that this company has changed its stance the fact that EA is even stated publicly that they're on the fence and it depends on what's in it for them is saying that they likely haven't changed their infrastructure or architecture. Unless the publisher is just playing coy or trolling and they indeed have a lineup ready for the platform either way we haven't seen the Rumours stating otherwise which is telling me that it's likely the company is speaking the truth when they say it depends on Nintendo.

I haven't heard much rumors regarding it using a simple architecture or a bunch of games in development in fact before Xbox one and PlayStation 4 were revealed we had tons of rumors from many sources talking about their launch games and many of those sources were correct is there a reason why we barely have any rumors regarding its launch games by third party?

Also to my understanding Dragon Quest was never confirmed for their new platform Square specifically stated that it was a maybe and depending on, I don't believe they ever 100% confirmed it was ever a go.


I mean the fact that you went on searching and returned with an example that wasn't even confirmed kind of shows that indeed many third parties are not on board.

I'm not even sure why you stated something so absolute and definitive if you weren't really sure. We are all just speculating here there is no reason to lie on something that we know can be looked up as either a fact or a lie.

In regards to third-party development it's not for Nintendo to keep under wraps it's for those specific teams and I'm finding it very difficult to believe every last major team is just extremely secretive at the end of the day most times we know what's releasing for god sakes in 2012 we already knew of Destiny releasing on two platforms that have yet to been announced lol

Prior to their reveal Xbox one and PlayStation 4 had several games that were leaked in regards to information about them by Third parties. It happens all the time in the fact that it's actually not happening right now with the NX is something to worry about.

Unless Nintendo has yet to release Dev kits to the community.

wonderfulmonkeyman1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

But a lot of those third party games are remasters, too, or are so similar to the mechanics of past games that they might as well be remakes, so it's really no different at all, outside of the fact that Sony and Microsoft aren't using many games that they themselves created.

Also, there's no evidence that the NX won't have third party games.
In fact, Dragon Quest is already confirmed for it, and FF15 is a very distinct possibility as well, and that's just two games out of who knows how many more that Nintendo's probably keeping under wraps.

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