Tekken 7: King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 Announced For North America

Bandai Namco's annual Tekken 7 tournament has been officially announced for North America and will span many events nationwide.

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Veneno1272d ago

Ha! After reading the headline I thought that was the official name for the console release of the game. I'm was like wtf!

Deeke1271d ago

I'm pretty sure it's "Tekken 7: Fated Retribution"

Abash1273d ago

Just give us a release date for the home release, Namco

PerfidiousSinn1273d ago

Seriously. I can't believe they still don't have a date nailed down yet.

Chaos_Order1272d ago

From what I understand, they are still adding characters to the arcade version of Tekken 7 Fated Retribution, as many fan faves are still missing from the roster. (Lee, Lei, Eddy, Bob, Anna, Raven, Marduk, Kuma, Zafina, Anna, Wang, Ganryu, Roger, Miguel etc...) Though not all will return, they're working on adding more.

Also, they need time for the pros to get to grips with all the characters and allow them to find broken stuff, or find glaring weaknesses in certain characters. With a pool of knowledge, they can tweak and balance the game to make it as balanced as possible, so that every single character is viable for top-level tournament play. (They essentially managed this with Tekken 6, and apparently T7:FR is even MORE well balanced)

I say, don't expect it until 2017. Unlike SFV, T7 will release complete, and in the best possible state, and as balanced as possible.

blackblades1272d ago

Really my boys lee and Lei not in yet, hope they make it.

PurpHerbison1272d ago

If they managed that with T6 I don't think Bob would be appearing as often as he did in top 8s of major tournaments. There would be like 5 Bob players in top 8.

q8kik1272d ago


Seriously Bob, Lars and Devil Jin need to be toned down a bit.

MoveTheGlow1272d ago

If it's because they're adding a ton of interesting single-player content, I'm on board for a 2017 release. #BringBackTekkenForceMode #Chicken

Kurisu1272d ago

Ahh I loved Tekken Force Mode :D

While they're at it add in some Tekken Bowl and Tekken Ball!

Chaos_Order1272d ago


I assume you're talking about a rather infamous MLG tournament where 5 Bobs made the top 8... That tourney in particular made Tekken 6 look bad... Bob was extremely popular in the US. Compare that to Korea and Japan, which is even higher level, and Bob actually wasn't used all that much. Even characters like Kuma and Asuka who are considered low tier in T6 have done well in high level tourneys. There are tiers, yes, and Bob is top tier, (mostly thanks to d+1 and u/f+1+2 being extremely versatile and safe moves) but if anything he was used often because he is extremely easy to use execution-wise. Same with Jack. They are strong but they aren't unbeatable even with lower tiered characters. Kuma, Zafina and Yoshimitsu are undisputed bottom tier in T6 but still high level players have repped them. E.g. Hankuma, Tare, Oni. In fact Hankuma won a Tekken Crash Royal Rumble with Kuma against some of the best players in the world, beating Rain's Miguel in the final.

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Jamaicangmr1272d ago

Namco are damn assholes for this constant tease ish

mogwaii1272d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

How is it gonna use psvr is what i wanna know, its just bizzare!

Kurisu1272d ago

That's what I'd like to know. Maybe it's some kind of first person mode where enemies come at you, but I don't see how that would work.

mogwaii1271d ago

I recall reading an interview with the devs saying it wouldnt be a firstperson mode cause that wouldnt work so im stumped.

q8kik1272d ago

Maybe a first person Tekken force mode? That would be cool.

Kurisu1268d ago

Then that makes two of us stumped. I look forward to finding out more about it.

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