SuperPhillip Central | Hyrule Warriors Legends (3DS) Review

Phil writes, "When Hyrule Warriors hit the Wii U several years back, the draw of beating down armies of enemies across sizable maps as one's favorite Legend of Zelda characters was highly appealing. Taking such a large game and sizing it down on the Nintendo 3DS was no doubt a herculean task. Somehow, someway, the developers at Omega Force managed to successfully do this, though not without some hurdles. Overall, though, the final product in Hyrule Warriors Legends successfully brings the Wii U game to a bite-sized format, and also brings with it a slew of new content to make an already massive game even bigger."

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RuleNumber51273d ago

Interesting job of bringing the game to 3DS by Nintendo. Turned out better than expected.

Phil321273d ago

Yeah, I thought I'd hate it on the regular 3DS, but I actually found it a lot of fun despite the technical issues!

PixelGateUk1273d ago

loved the one on Wii U, i'll probably wait till this drops in price to play on the 'new' 3DS

Phil321273d ago

Between the Wii U and 3DS versions, I've played about 120 hours. 77 on Wii U and about 48 on 3DS!

Alexious1272d ago

I prefer it on the WiiU