Gran Turismo Sport - Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit Gameplay

Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit Gameplay of Gran Turismo Sport.

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Wotbot1281d ago

Just not the standout game it once was. It will be in the shadow of Forza 6 and then the true battle between GT7 and Forza 7 begins, can't wait.

kraenk121281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

Forza 6 physics isn't even as realistic as GT6's, not even talking about the lighting. Very disappointed about the missing damage model though.

Wotbot1279d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Yeah it is, what planet are you on?? Forza 4 even beat it's ass

Are you for real, who gives a sh!t what you drive lmfao!!

kraenk121278d ago


The planet of an MX5 driver and a G27 owner.

nX1280d ago

Sorry but Forza is shit, I couldn't even play it for an hour before getting annoyed by too many things. GT has much better physics and fortunately no cartoon graphics.

Wotbot1279d ago

Keep dreaming, wishful thinking