Do You Have To Be Good At Games, To Review Them?

After a few miss haps, and miss steps by gaming news outlet, Polygon. Most notably the cringe worthy 30 minute gameplay footage of DOOM. Poli Games host, Joseph, asks the tough question. Do You Have To Be Good At Games, To Review Them?

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Poli_Games1277d ago

So what do you all think? Do you need to be good at games in order to review them? Does your ability or lack there of, have the ability to skew the score of a review?

gangsta_red1277d ago

No, I'm not good at making movies but I like to think I'm qualified to review them based on what it did right or wrong. The same can be said for games.

Poli_Games1276d ago

That is such a great point! Awesome comment man! Totally agree with ya!

fatsodubmo1276d ago

Horrible analogy. One does not have to interact with a movie to appreciate it. But games, like supercars take some level of skill to be able to fully appreciate. I dont want some 16 year old new driver to review the next Bugatti!

gangsta_red1276d ago


So I have to interact and know how to skillfully handle a Bugatti to know that it's a top quality car compared to a Honda Civic?

I think even a 16 year old with a new fresh license out the gate could appreciate the difference and make those judgement calls appropriately.

Games take minimum amounts of skill, as long as you have some type of reflexes I think anyone will be okay.

fatsodubmo1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )


Is that what you expect from professional reviews?

Review of the all new Bugatti Chiron:
"Better than a Honda" lol

Oschino19071276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I am becoming fully convinced you either ate lead paint chips as a child, lived under high voltage powerlines or your mother dropped you on your head's soft spot a dozen or so times.

gangsta_red1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )


I don't expect anything from a professional reviewer because I use my own judgement. But I don't expect them to be a world class experts to know if a game is good or not. You guys are putting too much stock in game reviewers and holding them to some kind of godly standard in order to assign a number.

Well hurry up and pick one so you can become 100% convinced and then comeback with your results.

"To review movies, you have to know how to judge Writing, Acting, Scripts, and Pacing,"

So I have to know all this to figure out Sharknado is garbage? Even with all that knowledge it will still come down to a person's opinion.

Even a person who is not good at games could play it and still have enough fun (or not) to make their own judgement call on the design, the look, or the sound and anything else that deals with the game they're playing.

What it ultimately comes down to is which reviewer do you trust? I'm sure there a plenty of people that don't like Angry Joe's reviews even though he's good at games. I personally go to Redlettermedia, they're gamers but not hardcore but they have an interesting take on the games they play.

IMO, some of the best reviews would come from a person who really doesn't have a vested or biased interest in games. That is where the real honesty comes out.

You're right, I should have said I'm not good at making movies...but I can still make 'em.

Aloy-Boyfriend1276d ago

To review movies, you have to know how to judge Writing, Acting, Scripts, and Pacing, it is not as easy as to say just to say it did this or that... it's too easy to be distracted by flashes and CGI and say a movie is good because of it. No!

Same with games. You have to be good at them to review. Or else every Souls game would have got a 0/10

This is just embarrassing for Polygon. yet another fk up by them. i was right to blacklist them after that TLoU review complaining about difficulty and weapon sway... yeah right!

kevnb1276d ago

We aren't asking reviewers to make games.

DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

So someone watching someone else play a game,, without ever touching the controller ,, should write a review?

Aloy-Boyfriend1276d ago

Horrible example. Sharknado is garbage because it is a low buget Internet thing, but you sure must know all of what I mentioned to review blockbusters like Gone Home

Khaotic1275d ago

No that's not even close to correct and the disagrees in you comment show your opinion is widely considered wrong

jb2271275d ago

There has to be some level of skill for a reviewer. Not saying reviewers should be pro level, if anything just a common average skill level would be the most indicative of the average player.

That said, if a reviewer is horrible at playing games, how can they review something like Dark Souls 3 if they can't even complete it?

Virtually anyone can complete watching a film, but completing a game takes some level of skill. Understanding its systems & how refined or not they may be also demands at least some level of familiarity or skill.

So yeah, you kinda do have to be at least decent at games to review them.

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Hoffmann1276d ago

I believe that people that are paid for writing articles on gamesites or to create videos for them don't have to be great at them but..they should be able to play them through and don't look like someone who barely knows where the right buttons on the game controller are.

I also read a lot of reviews where I wondered if the reviewers even played the game or based their reviews on let's play videos. It's difficult to "trust" the big sites anymore, I rather look up not so known gaming sites now for reviews + threads on gamefaqs to see what people write about the games.

In don't expect a wrestling show announcer to be a great wrestler, but you expect him to know details about the history of the show. Stuff like how the Montreal Screwjob impacted the scene in 1998. An example is how a game writer didnt know the Nintendo 64 was not using a cd rom. Stuff like that is just embarassing.

I think the often missing knowledge about video games and their history is a bigger problem for paid game site writers than being good in games.

Oschino19071276d ago

Reminds me of an article the other day about Black Ops 1 where the writer claimed it was the "first COD game to feature the now popular zombies mode".

Or the one about Uncharted being a fraud yet he said at one point "probably since the start" implying they never even played them all while simultaneously bashing the whole series because of their perception of the series instead of using any factual evidence to back up their claims.

GTgamer1276d ago

Yes because let's look at it like this if you suck at a game then that means you'll get frustrated and blow the game off saying it's eh, it's like when I first played chess I thought it sucked because I was really bad at it so I never saw the appeal then my bro thought me how to play it and boom loved it. Do yall see my point?
And no @Gangsta knowing how to make a movie has nothing to do review because you know a good movie when you see it because everything flows and games takes a little skill to make everything flow and without the skill you'll never see what the game is trying to accomplish.

Stereotypical_gamer1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I think you need to ask yourself why someone that sucks at games wants to spend there life reviewing them? To me, the people who work at polygon have an obvious agenda and it's not to give comprehensive reviews so that their readers can make an informed decision on what games to buy, it's a social justice agenda aimed at trying to make video games all-inclusive for some idiotic reason. I think someone who loves games and loves to review them will just be naturally good at them so if you suck at them I gotta ask what the hell you've been doing all your life because it wasn't playing games.

1276d ago
SolidGear31276d ago

I would certainly hope you'd be a gamer if you're going to be reviewing them so yes. It's like a bus driver applying to be an brain surgeon. I just don't see it ending well. Now having someone review a game they already don't like or of a genre they're not interested in is a whole different can of ethical worms.

Khaotic1275d ago

Yes you should have some level of skill. People that say no are wrong. How can you tell if controls are clunky and it's not your lack of skill. How can you tell if hit detection works if your shots are all over the place. The only thing an unskilled gamer can review are story, sound and graphics . You can't review gameplay if you can't play the game

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Garethvk1276d ago

If you get to the end you are good enough. Plus it also allows for an everyman approach to the games.

DragonDDark1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Yeah, if you made it till the end, you're a good player and it (maybe) a good reviewer. If you didn't and reviewed the game 10/10 or 0/10, you're not really qualified.

Garethvk1276d ago

You do not have to be good but you need to know your limitations and topic Like saying I really struggled online but others with more skill likely will not face the same issues I did.

Aenea1276d ago

"You do not have to be good but you need to know your limitations and topic Like saying I really struggled online but others with more skill likely will not face the same issues I did."

And that is something I feel is lacking with many players, not just reviewers, not admitting their own limitations and thus believing it's the game and that no one could possibly enjoy it or be good at it even though they don't...

SaveFerris1276d ago

I think it does help if the reviewer is experienced with different types of games (platformer, RPG, FPS, etc). I wouldn't want the reviewer giving a game a low score just because they found the game 'too hard' because they get dying and couldn't finish it. Also, if the reviewer wasn't a fan of the genre, I would hope that the reviewer would try to be objective as possible.

CrimsonGuardVII1276d ago

good on game play no, decent yes, good game player required for review on everything else about non game play parts of the game no. but if your good it does add credibility to you though, for better or worse. depends on the game, but if your really really bad, then you should not be to critical being how you never played games before.

sdcard4gb1276d ago

Preferably, yeah.
Or otherwise you'll be a reviewer version of DSP... *shivers*

sdcard4gb1276d ago

...I think you don't want to know... You're better off without knowing - you may be able to save at least some hope for gaming and humanity in general... Leave this place, it is our place to burn, so that you may live in peace and joy.

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