Gran Turismo Sport - Tokyo Expressway Gameplay

Tokyo Expressway Gameplay of Gran Turismo Sport.

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magiciandude1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Holy crap my mind is seriously blown away at this true next gen driving simulator with true next gen graphics...


TwoForce1278d ago

I think you are joking.

PrinceOfAnger1278d ago

lol wth was that is this real?

Apocalypse Shadow1278d ago

Trolls are going to be out in full force on this game's graphics even though it seems to be made for 3 things:

Customization-which gamers have been pleading polyphony on.

PSVR-it should run smooth at 120fps off of the headset.

International competition under the FIA-which no other game has. Sony is going big with E sports and Gran Turismo is leading the way. And with more E sport support by VR games like Rigs.I suspect more are coming.

What it is NOT is GT7.

Yi-Long1278d ago

Not trolling, but I never asked for any of the 3 things you mentioned. I'm just a single-player guy who just wants a gorgeous and fun race-game with lots of interesting varied tracks.

I don't really care (yet) about VR, I barely care about customization, and I couldn't care less about the E-sport thing.

Which kinda makes it a shame that Sony dropped Evolution Studio and Driveclub, because that game did have exactly what I wanted from a racing game, and it would have been nice if they had kept building on that, with more expansions.

Not.quite sure what to think about GT Sport. Graphically it doesn't really impress, but I can live with that as long as the gameplay is fun/good. However, I'm a bit worried about only having 19 locations, and if those will be interesting enough. We already saw an 'oval' track in the trailer, so I can already scratch that from the list of tracks which could be fun. Tokyo track looks a bit bland and short as well. Project Gotham Racing did Tokyo, and there it looked stunning.

Gol3m1278d ago

Yi-Long 19 locations may means many variations of said locations though

Apocalypse Shadow1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

If what gamers are looking for is graphics graphics graphics and not gameplay, your going to be constantly disappointed.

For those waiting for GT7, wait for GT7. For those who don't like VR, then Gran Turismo sport is not a requirement to buy.

Gamers keep saying Sony needs to support their products like VR for it to be successful. Then bag on them for doing that same thing because of their expectations for something else they really wanted.

VR is launching this year. PSVR needs supported games. Even Google just announced Google Daydream. Their VR phase 2 that comes out this fall among Oculus, Vive and Gear VR version 2. VR is not going away. Crying about it won't make it disappear.

Yi-Long1278d ago

Like I said, -I- didn't ask for a gimped down VR-version. If Sony wants to take that risk with one of it's most respected and popular IP's in order to sell us to their VR, that's their decision to make, but that doesn't mean I, or anyone else who was hoping for just a new great GT, has to somehow like it.

Perhaps they should have done GT Sport as beautiful as they could WITHOUT VR, and then release a (seperate) VR-edition with the details dialled down.

Yetter1277d ago

So PSVR is already affecting the quality of games because they need to be built to support it?

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PC_601278d ago

Forza 6 looks a lot better and the sounds in this game sound like a vacum cleaner

Sunny_D1278d ago

Well if you're comparing the Forza 6 to a game that is mostly for VR then sure. But, that isn't saying much😁

GribbleGrunger1278d ago

I'm completely behind Sony when it comes to exclusives but Driveclub buries this in terms of 'overall' graphics. Come on Sony fans, let's be honest here, this is 50% complete (according to PD) so let's hope they're being honest.

Apocalypse Shadow1278d ago

No disrespect Grib, but what did drive club VR look like compared to the main drive club? What graphics did they back off on to achieve the demo?

I'm not going to lie. It doesn't look next gen at all. Can't deny it. But I suspect that if Sony were to make a GT game at PS4 level, we would be back to 6 cars on the road and not a full grid in VR.

But gamers want Sony to support VR, but aren't aware what that represent for graphics in that all games won't be equal. Like, I suspect the Robinson game from crytek will look great, but have less demands on what's onscreen. But we'll see.

ravens521278d ago

I hope when we get some real footage, that it's graphics are at least on par with Driveclub.

kraenk121278d ago

Sad troll you are. Just pittyful.

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Kreisen1278d ago

Those are some real next-gen vacuum cleaner sounds right there bro.

Septic1278d ago

Looks mediocre and the sounds are just horrid.

But this is only 50% complete apparently and a lot can change.

I reckon they've taken a massive hit for the sake of VR. It better pay off.

Gol3m1278d ago

Agreed with the sounds but watch the other longer video. It's less compressed. Looks on par with forza and those whining about the 2nd Trees haven't mentioned that it's in 1 part of the video. The rest seems populated with 3d assets. As I said I wonder if the assets get paired back when in VR mode

Doabarrelroll1278d ago

Your a Xbox fanboy everything on PS looks mediocre to you

Trez12341278d ago

Did you say the same about gears of war beta?
All I heard then was " it's a beta and you guys don't even understand what beta means etc.."

I said it then and saying it again, judge the game when released.

Gol3m1278d ago

Forza. Just as compressed and in game. Looks on par with GT sport. No photo mode. In game assets. Those who disagree obviously have an agenda to push. I will however say this out of all racing games currently I'd take Forza horizon 2. Far more fun than a straight up sim

Josuey1278d ago

and dosent matter what you think because it will actually make the NPD when it comes out and will still be a better game without cardboard backgrounds and paper crowds :) this early footage already looks better than Forza 6 crappy graphics

showtimefolks1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )


if you ever take off your fanboy troll glasses maybe you will be able to see how this vdeo isn't doing the game justice

also major polishing happens towards the last 6 months of development so things will improve graphics wise

Septic1278d ago


"also major polishing happens towards the last 6 months of development so things will improve graphics wise"

Did I not mention that its only 50% complete and a lot can change? Learn to read.

"Did you say the same about gears of war beta?"

Yes I did. I also said that this game can change! Learn to read you lot!

Damn when I said Gears looked naff I didn't get the horde after me like you lot. Typical.

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Kurisu1278d ago

I'm not a Gran Turismo fan because I'm not in to racing Sims (I'm really very, VERY terrible at them), but I thought I'd check out this video because I was expecting something beautiful, in the graphical sense. This doesn't look great at all - I was expecting it to look at least as good as DriveClub.

CernaML1278d ago

I dont get why everyone keeps expecting Driveclub visuals... Gran Turismo is a 60fps game. No amount of technical wizardry will make a 60fps game look as good as a 30fps game.

q8kik1278d ago

Then why does Forza 6 look better?

CernaML1278d ago

lol It really doesnt. Forza 6 looks like an OG Xbox game just for the sake of running static weather and night racing at 60fps.

Movefasta19931278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Then why does forza 6 look way better? Oh damn someone already said that lol but it true,fuck forza 5 looks better.

Vasto1278d ago

Forza 6 looks soooo much better.

Gol3m1278d ago

@CernaML forza 6 does look photo mode. As soon as gameplay starts it looks about the same if not it has slightly more colourful slightly less unrealistic colours

Angainor71278d ago


Are you serious? '-'

Kurisu1278d ago

Well Gran Turismo has always pushed it's respective PlayStation platform in terms of graphics. It's understandable that people would have expected something *in the voice of Zoolander* "really, really good looking".

Rude-ro1278d ago

Are you comparing to the super version that they sold in advertisements or the actual released product?

CernaML1278d ago

Forza 6 has static weather, static lighting, 30fps reflections, nothing is dynamic whatsoever and the game just looks really really bad when driving in the rain. The PS3 GT games at least had dynamic weather and time of day.

Sunny_D1278d ago


I hope you mean why does Forza look better than GT, because Forza looks like doodoo when you compare it to Driveclub.

WickedLester1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

But this doesn't even look as good as Forza 6 or Project Cars either. Two games that DO run at 60fps

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Bruh1278d ago


So I'm presuming you're saying this game features dynamic day/night and a weather system? Since you seem to see that as inferior points of graphical prowess. So please show me where we are getting non-static systems in this game

q8kik1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Sony holding back the visual fidelity in their top selling franchise for the sake of VR?
F***ing disgraceful man. I knew this fad would come with its downsides, but this is honestly unacceptable.
Oh and Only 140 cars? Yea screw that I'll wait for GT7 instead, and it better have atleast 1000 cars.

kneon1278d ago

VR and driving games are the perfect combination. Even if the graphics need to take a hit to make it work in VR it will still be a much more immersive experience than it would have been with better graphics on a TV.

q8kik1278d ago

Yea but what about the people that simply aren't interested in VR currently ?
Wait another 2-4 years for GT7? That's bs man.
The neo version better look much nicer than this.

kneon1278d ago

It may be better than it looks, youtube videos usually look worse than the real game and we've still got a while before the game releases.

But it would make sense for Sony to focus GT Sport on VR in order to push sales of PSVR. Sony have a big advantage in VR right now because there are many more PS4s in the wild than there are VR capable PCs. But that is going to change over the next couple of years as people upgrade to newer video cards. So they may want to make sure they get as big a lead as possible while they can. They will want to make Sony synonymous with VR gaming for the masses.

Aloy-Boyfriend1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Never change Internet!
Dropping the ball without knowing. The PS VR version can be a separate dedicated VR version.

not even Forza has 1000 cars lol. What are you asking? PS2 and PS1 car models?

q8kik1278d ago

Is it really too much to ask ? This is Sony's best selling franchise after all, so why the f not?

Aloy-Boyfriend1278d ago

1000 cars? Yes! It's mpossible to have that amount of cars modeled and working for a november release.

q8kik1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Don't look at this way
Instead you should ask yourself what the hell were they doing for the past three years. For them to have only 140 cars for this game.
And why is Sony so eager to help 3rd party devs by sending Japan Studio's devs to help them(BloodBorne which sold 2-3 million) but seemingly not do anything to help speeding up things at PD. 2-3 million copies for BB look measly compared to the 7-10 million copies that GT can achieve.

kraenk121278d ago


You don't seem to know much about game development do you?!

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ShadowKnight1278d ago

The bigger question is when is GT7 coming out?

Aloy-Boyfriend1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

2 years after like every previous game after its prologue

bleedsoe9mm1278d ago

bigger question will sony cram in VR support into GT7

ShadowKnight1277d ago

@XIKURAPIKAKURTA can't wait.At least Sony is releasing more exclusives while the competitor is sitting on their @$$ and relying on third-party partnership deals and buying third-party time exclusives

Aloy-Boyfriend1278d ago

Who do you Think Sony Japan Studio is? They helped bloodborne because it was their ground. There's nothing they could do to assists Polyphony. It doesn't work that way.

You are seriously overreacting. The time they have spent making this game hasn't been spent in modeling cars only. You will barely have 20 in your garage anyways

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its_JEFF1278d ago

I'm not really sure what to say... IDK if it's the video/compression but the environments look flat. Car, look fine, nothing spectacular. I'm actually a little baffled at how it looks. GT has always been know for it's realism, feel/drive and even visuals. Gonna have to keep an eye on this, to see how it pans out.


Forza came through and spoiled the party

q8kik1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Not really, GT6 looks better than Forza 4.

Say something bad about GT or something good about Forza and you get alot of agrees. Do the opposite and you get alot of disagrees.
Lol Forza Fanboys must be enjoying this.

CYCLEGAMER1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Huh?? These are new games on new consels..who cares about gt6 and forza 4 at this point? Nah bruh...its just the truth. Forza beat gt to the punch and people were expecting it to look better and be a bigger game than forza...but its clearly not. 157 cars? Come on man

q8kik1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

GT6(dec 2013) is the latest Freaking GT game.......................... ....Why the hell wouldn't I include it in an argument ?

Sunny_D1278d ago

Except Forza still uses last gen assets to even compete. ( prebaked lighting, bad reflections, horrible weather effects, etc...)


You are damage controlling bro

kraenk121278d ago

Sadly even GT6 had better physics and lighting and weather than Forza 5 and 6.

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