PS4 Exclusive Gran Turismo Sport Gets More Beautiful Screenshots Showing Pace Cars and More

Following the slew of reveals on Gran Turismo Sport, Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed more screenshots of the game featuring quite a few cars, including the game’s pace cars.

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crazychris41241271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Would be cool if the pace cars were driveable. Like a bonus unlock for completing the career. Also how weird is it to see a Ford Mustang rally car??

Abriael1271d ago

Actually they are, even if their availability is a bit in the air. I know they're inlcuded as pre-order bonuses in Europe.

Septic1270d ago

Omg its like Driveclub all over again! More stunning 1080p shots yadda! Aaagh.

1270d ago
IRetrouk1270d ago

Ummm thats kinda the point though isnt it? To show off the cars because its a game about said cars, and why pick driveclub over every single racer that shows the same thing? I dont actualy understand why you even mentioned it, you seem extra salty today, game looks great and is going to sell like hot cakes.

Septic1270d ago

No you're misunderstanding. I'm going on about Dualshockers and their pointless 1 million plus screenshots spam articles.

I'm sure this will sell like hotcakes too.

corroios1270d ago

Its much better tons of news about a 6 year old game being played againg… then showing stuff about a brand new racer that millions are waiting to buy…

LP-Eleven1270d ago

He does. But, you know, no longer bound by bubbles means he can run wild. Oh well.

OT: Thanks DualShockers for the screens. Im just glad I'll get a GT fix until the GT7 releases!