An Open Letter To Capcom To Make Marvel vs. Capcom 4

With Disney announcing they're going to focus on licensing their properties for video games, fighting game fans will have to ask: "where's Marvel vs. Capcom 4?"

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franwex1276d ago

Good luck. Also, marvel vs capcom 2 was awesome, just saying.

Skate-AK1276d ago

I don't think Disney characters should be in MvsC4. It would seem weird and forced IMO.

zep1276d ago

since SW is Disney now Darth Vader will not be wierd on it

pompombrum1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Realistically, can Capcom even afford to get the Marvel license? The resurgence of the FGC + popularity of the Marvel movies would certainly make the game a very lucrative prospect for Capcom but realistically, depending on the costs to acquire the license, it might not be worth it unless they decided to take a giant dump over the MvC fans and make the game super accessible and aim at bringing in casual marvel fans.

PhoenixUp1276d ago

I'd also like to see more AAA Marvel based console games in addition to a MvC4

miyamoto1276d ago

MVC 3 is hard to find now.

Dario_DC1276d ago

I have the Vita version, it's worth 50$ now because they stopped manufacturing it after the license ended, never gonna sell it.

Hoffmann1276d ago

Not really, you can gfind it everywhere but you have to pay around 40 bucks

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The story is too old to be commented.