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What do you think? Should there be an Uncharted 5? Should Sony task another developer to continue the franchise, or did it the end the way it should?

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phantomexe1281d ago

I think so and i think there will be. Sony likes money and the game one of there top franchises. Sony bend could do it or someone else. Money talks there not crazy. Most people would buy another uncharted game after 4.

naruga1281d ago

a spin off Uncharted could be made in the future that wont lack anything in quality ..probably with different protagonists like Sam or someone relative ...

Null19801281d ago

There is at least 1 single player DLC story add-on. Maybe it will revolve around that.

Paytaa1281d ago

Not sure about an "Uncharted 5"

*SPOILERS* Please look away if you haven't beat Uncharted 4*


I think maybe Nate and Elena's daughter could definitely play a part in a future game. She seems curious like Nate and could see her wanting to treasure hunt. I think Naughty Dog set it up to be an open ending where they or some other dev can visit it years late and tell a new tale with Cassie as a lead and maybe even having Nate play a Sully type role.

Very pleased with the ending. The fight with Rafe was so sick.

Jayszen1281d ago

Yes, absolutely!

The manner in which UC4 ended has left the door open and anyone who has finished the game through the first playthrough will recognize the two most obvious people who should be in the next game . In the absence of Naughty Dog, I would suggest Sony Bend or even Sucker Punch to take over the franchise for Sony with assistance from ND.

UC4 has refreshed the Uncharted franchise and pushed the franchise to a whole new level. I was genuinely sad to end the game. I am now playing it on 'Crushing' and like every previous Uncharted game, I will revisit it again regularly for a new playthrough.

ShadowKnight1281d ago

With Cassie Drake lol. Not to sure about that