King of Wushu Runs at [email protected] on PS4, [email protected] on XB1; Devs Hoping To Implement Cross-Play Soon

CRYENGINE powered action MOBA King of Wushu runs at [email protected] on PS4 and [email protected] on XB1. Cross-play is being worked on and might be implemented soon.

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kaiserfranz1897d ago

I'm pumped to be able to play with and against my friends who own a different platform, crossplay will be amazing

Alexious1897d ago

Definitely true. Though maybe it would be wiser in most games to only allow it between consoles, since PC might have a distinct advantage due to its hardware.

rdgneoz31897d ago

PS4/PS3 and PC gamers have been playing games together for a while. FFXIV and Rocket League are two that come to mind, and I believe SFV.

Eonjay1897d ago

See I have a question about that. It that were true (aside from some advantages KBM might give you) how do PC gamers play against each other. I mean you have folks with weak integrated cards going up against enthusiast class PCs. The gaps in performance on PC are way far far larger than the PS4 vs Xbox One. Do you ever see cases where certain PC gamers beat other players just because of hardware.

Iceman X1896d ago

PS2/PS3/PC and MAC having been doing this since FF11 since 2002. Even Xbox 360 joined the party. Even Xbox 360 joined the party in 2006. SE have always said it was like pulling teeth to get Microsoft to do cross play. That's why FF14 is not on Xbone, Microsoft wanted their own servers and not share with PS3/PS4/PC and Mac.

1897d ago
Phil321897d ago

Cross-play is really cool if the developer can get it to work!

Mostafeto1897d ago

Cross-play should become the norm in the video game industry in a couple of years really

1897d ago
Gol3m1896d ago

Is that because of the KBM factor? I used it play battlefield 4 on my rig with an xbox controller and was still very competitive. It is what you get used to

Alexious1897d ago

Of course it does, it's a CRYENGINE game. Though I suppose there are always exceptions like Homefront...

hardcorehenry1897d ago

ohhh noooo!!!

game looks pretty sweet.

PixelGateUk1897d ago

not many mobas tend to make a impact on console, curious to see if this is any different

PixelGateUk1897d ago

yeah, and it's only talked about/esported on pc

Alexious1897d ago

That's only because there have been few so far. Paragon and this one might do nicely

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