The Witcher 3 dev on RPGs evolving with games like The Division and Borderlands

The RPG genre is quickly becoming one of the most popular in the industry, as it is even up there with first-person shooters.

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Phil321276d ago

I'm quite excited to see where RPGs are heading with regards to the West. It's going be interesting for sure!

RuleNumber51276d ago

I bet Ubi goes full RPG with their next AC.

_-EDMIX-_1276d ago

I mean...not likely. RPGS are great and all, but I see no reason to turn a series that is not an RPG, into an RPG because of it.

Why not just make a new IP that is an RPG?

Mega241276d ago

If anything, it devolved with The Division.

Khaotic1272d ago

I agree and disagree. Obviously the division is broken and they will never get it all patched out. But I love the risk they took with it. Between the skills, talents weapon and armor perks and attachments and performance mods you can really create specific builds. It's not some casual only RPG but pretty deep. But it may be the most poorly coded game I have ever played