Gran Turismo Sport Gameplay Trailer Captured on PS4

This is the movie revealed at the "Gran Turismo Sport Unveiling Event" hosted on May 19 at East London’s Copper Box Arena, near the Olympic Park, UK.

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Overload1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

OMG! It looks absolutely amazing. This game in VR might be the end of me.

Livecustoms1272d ago

It wont look the same in VR tho ?

Bansai1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Looks like GT6 to be honest... I'm quite disappointed. I didn't expect Driveclub visual fidelity but... I certainly expected more than GT6 remastered. I hope at least engines will no longer sound like a hairdryer.

That flat forest texture on the right in 2016 is simply unacceptable:

bloop1272d ago

I know this isn't supposed to be GT7 and there's still months of development time left before it releases, but this is really disappointing. I don't care about the odd horrible texture or graphical flaw here and there as they can be easily fixed. But 20 years of GT and we're still seeing cars bounce off walls with absolutely no damage?? What exactly have polyphony been doing all this time?? Making 1000 "scenes" for a photo mode. I won't be buying a GT game to take photos. I think poly needs new management or something. They put all their time and resources into less important aspects of the game rather than putting all effort into what matters most. And rally modes again, where we have invisible walls around the track where the car can't mount 2 inches of snow?? Aside from the improved graphics and physics, GT is still stuck in the 90's. Very disappointing.

its_JEFF1272d ago

@Bansai Driveclub set a really high bar for fidelity. Gonna be hard for any racing game to surpass it.

freshslicepizza1272d ago

people freak out how great it looks when its captured in the beginning and then when the gameplay is shown it is quite a bit different. i hope they aren't just rushing it out to sell psvr. looks like we won't see gt7 until 2018.

xXSilentXx1272d ago

i mean it will be in 720P 30FPS but the image may be the same. if compressed that so.

SolidStoner1272d ago

This game is not about graphics.. its all about the physics (with racing wheel) and gameplay!

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Shubhendu_Singh1272d ago

Honestly, DriveClub had much much better graphics and sound quality than this.
I think they purposely made a lacking game so that it can hit 90FPS in PSVR.

For a VR game, this would look amazing, I guess. For a PS4 game, Not Even Close.

TheCommentator1272d ago

PSVR is too little too soon, and OR with it's high specs and evolving PC hardware is the better of the two in terms of survivability. That said, GT sport looks like a PS3 game, and will likely be representative of any real games coming to PSVR... which I'm sure is why Sony is rumored to be coming out with the Neo in the first place.

The real cost of PSVR is $400 + Neo...

generic-user-name1272d ago


"The real cost of PSVR is $400 + Neo..."

I'm about to con Sony, I'm only gonna buy PSVR and not a Neo, but shhh don't tell anyone I'm not paying the 'real cost' I don't want to get arrested.

MachuchalBrotha3161272d ago

@commentator, PSVR real cost $400+ Neo. The real cost is $399 and $499. Neo only comes into play if you dont have a PS4.

cyber_daemonx1272d ago

@commetator, still banging that old drum eh. PSVR works with current PS4's ffs.Give it a break /sigh.

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XanderZane1272d ago

That's funny, cause I was thinking the same thing. I can't say I'm disappointed though as I really need to play the game and see what Polyphony has added to this new game. I'm hoping is a big step up from GT6 though. Not just another "me too" GT game that bringing nothing new to the franchise. Glad we are finally getting a trailer though. The cars all looked good.

nX1272d ago

You should watch the livestream, it looks really good in motion:

It might not be revolutionary but it looks and plays like it should and I really need a new Gran Turismo.

DanzoSAMA1272d ago

it's look like GT6 or Forza 4 to be honest.

Rookie_Monster1272d ago

Looks underwhelming, tbh.

Maybe it will get a boost on the Neo.

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magiciandude1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

It does look amazing, especially those cardboard trees...

Overload1271d ago

Didn't see that. That doesn't look good. Still alot of development time though.

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Crimzon1272d ago

Really nice to see them favoring quality over quantity this time round, hopefully this entry can recapture the magic of GT3 with the smaller scale and tighter focus. Right now my only concerns are with all the screentearing in the capture footage and how rough the Nordschleife is looking, but they've got roughly seven months to fix that stuff and hopefully come out with a locked 60fps this time. Will be nice to see this series get back on track.

Tobsesan1272d ago

Ye I prefer 130 awesome car models over 1000 half assed

Bruh1272d ago

130 cars only? Didn't FM5 get shat on for having only 200?

UltraNova1272d ago


GT Sports is not a full fledged numbered entry, i.e its not GT7, whereas FM5 was.

Dee_911272d ago

Where's the screen tearing and what exactly looks rough on nurb? The anti aliasing on the shadows and body panels during the livery editor part where the only graphical faults I noticed.
The lighting looks subperb. I wasn't expecting DC quality graphics with 60fps, but i'm happy with polished gt6 graphics honestly.

Bruh1272d ago

Yeah its a spin-off still gives no excuses why after 3 years of development you got only 130 cars w/ 19 tracks. FM5 is a launch title that was rushed, this has no excuse

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ZeroX98761272d ago

racing game with VR is like a dream come true. There's no other genre better than racing for a first VR experience. you sit onto your couch (Car seat in the game) and add a driving wheel to get an even greater experience :)

rainslacker1272d ago

Yeah, PSVR is going to be expensive for me. Gonna get myself a nice racing set up, PSVR itself, the game itself. GT is about the only thing that would make me want VR day one, and it will certainly get plenty of usage from me because of GT.

UltraNova1272d ago

What if Neo comes out by then, will you add that to the tally? If yes then you must be a rich son of a mother! hehe

rainslacker1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Dunno. I wouldn't get it just for an upgrade. However, since stand alone UHD players are $400, it would probably make more sense to get another PS4 if it comes out to support that since it offers me more options, and I got a 4K TV recently. Haven't had a stand alone player of any sort for quite a while now, and a 2nd PS4 wouldn't be all that bad for the 2nd bedroom.

I can afford all the stuff. Been holding out on a UHD player though because of the rumors floating around. I'll get plenty of use out of the driving set up though, and VR is perfect for racers.:)

Movefasta19931272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

''Perhaps it's because we've been spoilt by the splendour of Forza Motorsport, already into its second iteration on Xbox One, or Assetto Corsa, which is about to make its console debut later this summer. Gran Turismo Sport, however, looks, sounds and plays just like Gran Turismo 6 on the Playstation 3.'' I think people are expecting this to be GT7, and it isn't. GT7 will be the jump we all want. This will be vr seller.

TwoForce1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I think the creator want to take a risk on PSVR. So i will buy GT Sports and VR on launch.

@hardcorehenry ok ? How about give them a chance ? I'm not expecting everyone agree with me. That's fine, but i will take it to remember what it worth.

hardcorehenry1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

More along the line of Sony wants to exploit its biggest IP to move PSVR. Creator wants to take risk... lol.

edit: I always see you calling people out for fanboy nonsense. Just keeping you in check ;)

Kreisen1272d ago

I cant help but cringe when people say things along the lines of "Ill buy becouse Sony". Like really? You buy everything Sony? Must have a house full of worthless junk...

Gol3m1272d ago

Kreisen there's always got to be one child in every group. Congratulations you're that child. Grow up mate. I even went back and reread the couple comments above you and nothing was mentioned of buying it because 'sony'.

Aloy-Boyfriend1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Too soon to come up with that conclusion isn't it? Game is coming in November.

CaptainObvious8781271d ago

I have a hard time taking this person seriously when he talks about Forza's splendor without mentioning Driveclub...

If you're going to be spoilt by a driving game on consoles it's going to be Driveclub

Foehammer1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I suspect that feeling (having a hard time taking someone seriously) goes both ways.

Especially when that person uses a game with a metacritic score of 71 and a studio that's been subsequently closed.