Final Fantasy's Creator On Final Fantasy 15: It's The Start Of A New Era

One of the firm's biggest brands has got to be the Final Fantasy franchise, and it too has a new installment upcoming.

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Eiyuuou1279d ago

The thing I love most about this project is the dedication the team has. The amount of effort and love they've put into this game is astounding, and it certainly shows.

And hopefully it will pay off in the end.

Whilst this may have been said (too) many times already (by certain users, not always in a civilised manner), I do hope that after this they'll return to the ATB style gameplay. It's kind of a shame that there are basically none high profile turn-based games these days, especially when it has so much untapped potential with animations.

I'd rather have the spin-offs to be ARPG's then. Though, on the other hand, that would mean said games would have a way lower budget (which also would be a shame...).

We'll see how the series evolves from here on. I'm certainly curious to see whether FFXV will be an exception, or a new beginning.

Oh well, either way is fine by me. After all, I don't play the games for their combat system but for all the other elements that make it "Final Fantasy".

Eiyuuou out.

ninsigma1279d ago

Probably the most civilized request for a return to turn based I have ever seen xD
I think FF could move forward well by alternating between action and turn based. Like you say, I'd hate to see smaller budget games just because they aren't main line titles (or halted because of a main line title like versus 13 had to wait on 13) and I don't see the problem with a numbered title being action either. Final fantasy is different every game so there's no reason why it can't alternate IMO.

AdeptSnake1279d ago

People mistakenly believe that turn based is archaic or stale or simple something old that needed to evolve with the times, I disagree with that sentiment. I find it funny that games like Clash of Clans on mobile are so popular despite the fact that it's basically just a long ass turn based combat system of another type, yet here we are having this conversation about if it is outdated in RPG's.

It REALLY is a shame. I love my ARPG's, western styled RPG's like Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Mass Effect etc, are all fine and well, but to me, the playstation one and two era of RPG's was amazing. Not only is turn based battle fun and exciting in its own way, but the fixed camera angles in maps are great for artistic direction. I'll never forget the array of different shots and angles in FF7-10, the limitations encourage imagination and the angles all work to a greater effect. There's that shot of Shinra HQ from a low angle that really shows the dominion they have over Midgar, or that one where you're climbing up the wreckage to get up there, all great stuff.

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Adrian_v011279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Turn based is good, but it needs to evolve. I like the system in Persona because it's build up on buffs and debuffs which keeps it interesting. I also liked the system in The Legend of Dragoon, the additions are a fun way to keep the player immersed. Resonance of Fate is another game that took turn based in an interesting direction. However, when a game has a standard basic turn based battle system, that's just laziness and lack of imagination from the director to me.

I would like to see more ARPG titles. Since people distinguish JRPG as a different genre from RPGs, I will feel free to distinguish JARPGs as an individual genre, and there aren't enough games of that one. I don't play most of the Western ARPGs; i don't like the standard medieval-ish setting they have. I enjoy a futuristic fantasy world which is common in Japanese games. Hence, no there aren't enough Japanese ARPGs.

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_-EDMIX-_1279d ago

"It's kind of a shame that there are basically none high profile turn-based games these days" we have Persona 5 coming out soon.

Its just based on the budget and there doesn't seem to be a huge audience for turned based games. Just because you and I love turned based games, doesn't mean the majority does.

The budget just won't justify the return. If it was turned based, pretty sure lots wouldn't buy it compared to now.

Its either performing the moves in real time, or pressing a button and watching an animation.

How many in this day an age do you really think are going for pressing and watching? Though I'm a fan of turned based admittedly, I understand why its not as popular due to its dated concept. We still got some great turned based games coming, I Am Setsuna, Persona 5, World Of Final Fantasy, Exit Archive etc

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bronkie1278d ago

good comment , i'm ok with anything although i favor action more but i'm ok with ure opinion. But as long as they exclude random encounter that was a very strong point in ff12 for me ,choosing ure battles

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MilkMan1279d ago

I'm glad they feel good about their product. However, until its in the hands of the player no verdict can be made. It's like Kojima says the game isn't finished until it's in players hands.

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ninsigma1279d ago

Really looking forward to this. Been hyped since it was announced as Versus 13. Just pre-ordered the steelbook edition (the design is damn good). Enjoyed the platinum demo so I can't wait to play the actual game!

_-EDMIX-_1279d ago

"Just pre-ordered the steelbook edition" JEALOUS!

ninsigma1279d ago

Free shipping from square Enix store if you're interested but they do add vat on to it at the end which was 30 euro, though I did buy one for my girlfriend as well so it's probably 15 euro vat.