DOOM’s Speed Makes a Great Case for Upgrading to the Xbox One Elite Controller

EB: The new DOOM is fast, as in the Flash fast, so it may be jarring for some gamers not used to playing FPSs on speed the first time they plop it into their gaming machine of choice. This is especially true for the console crowd thanks to the lack of a mouse and keyboard option to play games that require lighting quick inputs to match their own speedy pace, which the new DOOM embodies like no other modern shooter. You definitely have to experience the speed for yourself to truly realize how it fundamentally changes the way you must play a FPS on a console, because it is mesmerizing and intimidating at first to say the least.

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Septic1280d ago

The Xbox One elite controller is beast. I was playing uncharted and instinctively tried to use the paddles at the back.

Volkama1280d ago

...and smashed the controller into a million pieces with your amazingly strong hands?

BEASELY1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Using paddles to get in cover and jump makes the game so much smoother and less detatched. Mapping shoot on R1 makes the experience much better as well.

Controls are such a huge deal in gaming and their importance is often understated. I have this prototype controller in my head where every single finger rests on a button and just want it to be real.

ShadowKnight1280d ago

I use this controller for my PC 80% of the time now

Volkama1280d ago

Me too. The other 20% of my time is used for eating, drinking, and sleeping.

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gamingisnotacrime1280d ago

great controller. use it on PS4 with cronusmax adapter and im loving it

BEASELY1280d ago

Do you notice any latency? I use Scuf 4PS, but over time the analogues have gotten destroyed and the general finish is super oily and cashed out now within 6 months of play. Also, it lags a lot when not plugged in. Any similar issues?

BossBattle1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

The elite is better and more durable than the scuff. There's no lag with the elite. And it's half the price of scuff. Scuff only has a 90 day warranty, elite has a whole year.

gamingisnotacrime1280d ago

it is wired and to my knowledge there is no lag (I play bloodborne with it and is perfect)

BlackTar1871280d ago

please respond lol. Im interested in this if there is no wireless lag.

gamingisnotacrime1280d ago

No latency, it is wired and to enjoy it best it requires a usb hub+ds4 connected for bypassing the security check on PS4. I play Bloodborne and any latency in that game would be death guarantee (LOL), there is none. The crounusmax is AMAZING. It does require to be properly updated with the software (it has a PS4 essentials package and all).

poppinslops1280d ago

Really, you can do that?
I can see how it would work - the DS4 touchscreen functions as 'start/select' buttons in 90% of games, and the speaker and lightbar aren't essential - but can you tell me if it's wireless?
And what's the deal with input lag? is it noticeable?

gamingisnotacrime1280d ago

NO LAG (Bloodborne plays flawlessly with it). It is wired but that is not a big deal for me. For best results use a usb hub with DS4 connected otherwise the security chk on the PS4 causes a 10min reconnect cycle which sucks balls

poppinslops1280d ago

Thanks a bunch... at this point I'm probably just gonna hold-out for a PS4Neo, but that'll give me plenty of time to get the other bits and pieces together.

Best news I've heard all day!

BossBattle1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

It would be a lot better if you could tweak it with the xbox app. Because I set my analog sticks to "aggressive" and cut all the dead space out the triggers. Plus I reassign the bumpers to the paddles. I'm a beast on COD.

BlackTar1871280d ago

Thanks for the response. I may try this out. I always wanted the elite for the xbox but just haven't bought it yet. I can however justify it better if i use it for both systems.

Thanks for the response.

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FasterThanFTL11280d ago

DOOM’s Speed Makes a Great Case for Upgrading to a High-End PC with Mouse & Keyboard.

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