Gran Turismo Sport New Details: Photo Mode, Companion App, Livery Editor, Activities And More

First new details about the upcoming PS4 racer.

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Elit3Nick1273d ago

Great to see a livery editor finally be introduced. I have a number of friends on Forza that are avid livery creators, so I'm intrigued to see what people will make with this.

Septic1273d ago

Yup livery editor finally makes its way to GT. If Forza is anything to go by, people will make some incredible looking art work

SolidStoner1273d ago

agree.. now not only physics will be awesome and feel awesome, but will look great as well with all these custom setups!

Some of you might say trees and everything looks same.. I actually dont need trees.. I drive pass them 200 km/h+, I cant see them properly, cars look great, handling model is best possible since GT4, and lets hope new sound will be great.. I need cars, physics and great tracks to race on.. everything else is a bonus!

WickedLester1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I hope I'm wrong, but it looks to me based on the trailer we'll only be able to manipulate pre existing graphics within the game. I don't see anything that allows you to import graphics of your own.

quenomamen1273d ago

Well then be prepared to be disappointed, in ond of gameplay videos it shows how the editor in GT Sport will only let you manipulate
pre-existing Logos and Shapes. So you can't make a Decal or graphic from scratch. Weak Polyphony, weak. I was hoping for maybe being able to import jpegs or vector files through some sort of app or web based image editor like in EA's Battlelog or Rockstar's Social Club. What a letdown.

Elit3Nick1273d ago

Indeed, seems Eurogamer isn't too impressed from their experience with the game, they say that it feels like GT6 with better textures, and not much else. Hopefully GT7 get everything redone from scratch, it's disappointing seeing Polyphony reusing assets from over a decade ago.

NapalmSanctuary1272d ago

I'm just hoping that they have the manufacturer decals for the front and back windshields. NFS: Prostreet was the last editor that I saw that properly included them.

magiciandude1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

This game looks so awesome. I've never lost my mind with any other driving simulator like I did here. Super amazing true next gen visuals.

This screenshot here is the very best part.

WickedLester1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Wish I could see what you're seeing. I'm the biggest Playstation homer you'll find (just look at my post history) but this is completely underwhelming. It basically looks like GT6 HD Re mastered with less content. Driveclub's graphics spoiled me I guess, but to my eyes this doesn't even look as good as Project Cars.

Elit3Nick1272d ago

I believe he's displaying sarcasm, at least I hope he is...

magiciandude1272d ago


Yes, I was being sarcastic. ;D

Rookie_Monster1273d ago

Day one!! Whenever it is going to be released.

Goldby1273d ago

November 10th is the release date i believe

SierraGuy1272d ago

Driveclub will still look better😭