Nintendo's Making Movies? They Should Start with Splatoon

Nintendo has plans to make another video game movie, but it shouldn't be one of the big ones just yet. Why not start with something new, like Splatoon?

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JKSimmons1277d ago

Splatoon would be an interesting choice, but I would love to see a Legend of Zelda film.

GigawattConduit1277d ago

Are you sure you don't want another Spider-Man film, MR JAMESON?!

LOL_WUT1277d ago

Splatoon would be a bad, first choice. Nintendo needs to do a Metroid film. ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1277d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Metroid would also be a bad first choice.

But the original Xenoblade?
Now THAT'S a story that would be interesting to see as a full feature film.

@ Metallox
Maybe a bit, in some places.
But that's true for a lot of movies and shows that still somehow manage to be good.
Plus, I'd like to see what kinds of battles and party interactions they'd put into the areas of the game where cut-scenes don't cover the traveling done.
Like during the Satorl Marsh portion of the journey.
Can you imagine how beautiful it would look to see day turn to night in that area, with full CGI supporting it, as the party bunks down for the night with the rest of the Nopon camp?

That would be absolutely magical, and it could be a bonding opportunity for Sharla and Reyn.

blawren41276d ago

They really need an original story perhaps set in the world.

Metallox1275d ago

Don't you think that Xenoblade's story is a bit too melodramatic?

EddieNX 1277d ago

Luigi's Mansion or Maybe just a mad Nintendo all stars film similar to Toy Story

MrBrofist1276d ago

I'm in the minority but I would rather a Wonderful 101 movie instead

deafdani1276d ago

*joins you in the minority*

wonderfulmonkeyman1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

*Plops down in the same circle as you two*
I'm ashamed that I didn't think of that first, honestly.XD

1276d ago
AWBrawler1275d ago

*happily runs up dragging chair from other table and joins conversation*

Yeah! WonderBlue!

Metallox1275d ago

*Arrives too late but makes a new circle and joins to the minority*

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