What Is An RGB Modded NES And Why Do You Need One?

Hey Poor Player's Mike Vito is here to introduce you to the wonders of the RGB Modded NES and how you can get the best picture from your dusty console.

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BrickHardcastle1276d ago

This will be useful for when I start seriously collecting and developing an AVGN-like library of retro games and consoles.

axesofevil1276d ago

This seems like a lot of work for retro consoles but it's something I'd really like to try. I'm currently using one of the emulator retro consoles, which works better than people act, but once I pick up a toaster I'll look into this.

EvilAsh1276d ago

It is a lot of work and money, but I eventually ran out of space and needed to get rid of the old CRT TV. The Framemeister is a nice alternative.

RosweeSon1276d ago

Ah I've got a high def one in Wii U.

EvilAsh1276d ago

The Wii U does offer a good option for playing your virtual console games but the picture is not very good when compared to RGB. I'm not sure why but the Wii U's output of NES games looks inferior to the Wii's.

RosweeSon1276d ago

Ah fair play I must admit when it get technical with pixels and more technical stuff over my head... All about the games but yeah Wii U or 3DS will do me but still pretty cool tho. If any games deserve it its Nintendos Vast back catalogue.

ShellB1276d ago

These guys do a wonderful job explaining it. Check'em.