First MotorStorm Online Pic

IGN snags the first pic of MotorStorm played online, plus night racing and track deformation screens to drool over.

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kingboy5243d ago

hell yea! been waiting for this


wow ... i can see it now .. all the dust everywhere ... plus the big ass moon in the background while all the nitro flame infront of me ... ONLINE BABY cant wait ... i sound like a fanboy let me go and play some gears

videl5243d ago

wow, hot pics, cant wait to play it online ? i have a question. i have a japanese ps3 in germany, and a canadian copy of resistance (hot game), but when i want to play online it does not connect to the american servers, who can i change that ? i made an american account (lol, i live near the sony quartier), but when i start to play online i must confirm the license, which is in japan i think ? cant get it, has someone a idea ?

Shadow Flare5243d ago

I think...

as long as your ps3 is sat on european soil, it can't go online until the ps3 launches in march here. Sony tried blocking all imports to europe so they ain't gonna activate the european online until march and im pretty sure you cant use japanese or american online. When the ps3 launched in japan a week before it launched in america, IGN tried getting online on the Japanese server but couldn't. So bottom line is, wait till march. Plus, i envy you. How do you like the ps3 so far?

Pathetic N4G Website5243d ago

IF $ony had sorted their sh1t out ages ago the JAP version woulda had online also. What a bodge job - a game has online in some regions but not in others.

$ony = lost the plot

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