Where Does 'DOOM' Fit In With Today's Shooters?

'DOOM' is 'DOOM'. Who cares about a story?

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1274d ago
Canthar1272d ago

It fits in the category of needing more like it!

BumpFrankie1272d ago

Although I do not strictly consider Doom a full-fledged arena shooter, I do think it is a good stepping stone for newer gamers to be introduced to arena shooter gaming of old (Quake 3, Unreal Tournament). I think Doom is a well-made merger of modern day FPS and the great arena shooters from the past. The game-play is simply top-notch in my opinion. Doom's single player campaign was some of the purest fun I've had from a video game in a long time. My only big criticism of the multiplayer is I wish it used true arena shooter elements of everyone spawning with the same generic weapon and all the different weapons were at fixed locations with spawn timers for each map. Nonetheless, the multiplayer is still great fun as it is now. It's hard to categorize where Doom falls on the spectrum of current FPS games, I'd rather just not put a label on it at all and just experience it for what it is: fun.

lipton1011272d ago

Doom is its own thing. it fits in my collection nicely. These articles are so pointless

SolidGear31272d ago

I want more games like this, please? :3

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The story is too old to be commented.