PS4 Exclusive NiOh’s Survey Results Published; 850,000 Downloads For the Demo

Koei Tecmo published the results of the survey that gathered feedback from those who played NiOh’s alpha demo last month.

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ZaWarudo1274d ago

They're removing durability? why? we only needed a repair option at the shrine.

Majin-vegeta1273d ago

Cuz babies who couldnt handle a challenge.

NewMonday1273d ago

didn't complain myself but Kudos for Team Ninja taking lots of feedback , they are very serious about this game. now lets see if the complainers are serious or are just professional whiners.

interesting thing is that Europ and America mostly like the game as it is, most complaints are from Asia, so different versions could be made.

Spyroo1273d ago

Guys how can we talk to Koei about this?? We need it back

PaleMoonDeath1273d ago

Making it easier for those who can't hack it.

sullynathan1273d ago

I'd ask if the durability in the alpha was done well since the alpha expired for me.

q8kik1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

There were people that complained about it
I don't get it though because the loot in this game is very plentiful. It really didn't matter if your gear broke or not.
But what can you do, manchildren will strive to ruin yet another game.

opinionated1273d ago

Your weapons and armor wear down pretty quick but the loot drops are plentiful. I was never short on items to keep my gear in working order. It's not survival horror shortages. A lot of enemies dropped better gear then what you have on so I was always trying different weapons.

You use a whetstone to restore your weapons and a leather something for armor. It's like witcher 3 but it's more frequent. The abundance of items and the rate at which you had to use them didn't add any difficulty. It was just going through the motions. I'm good with durability or without it, it makes no difference. I think these guys are overreacting.

ravens521273d ago

Please don't nerf this game!!!!!!

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Germany71273d ago

Looks like the game will be easier.

sullynathan1273d ago

Hope a proper demo is released for the full game is released this time with no time limit.

sullynathan1273d ago

Guess people don't want a demo

opinionated1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Durability didn't really add anything. Why do you guys think using a whetstone before combat makes the game more difficult? It's just another menu action that you don't want to waste a quick slot on. I can see why the stat guys would nerd out but not the challenge guys.

I wonder how many of those people got the DLC.

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The story is too old to be commented.