Why Multiplayer Doesn't Work For All Games

Gamasutra: "I think most of us have had fun playing a game online with others recently. Multiplayer is something that's become pretty mainstream since the early to mid-2000s with things like XBox Live,, Steam, etc. Some games are now entirely multiplayer-based, and many prominent games, in addition to their single player campaigns, provide great multiplayer experiences."

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BossBattle1280d ago

Doesn't work for Uncharted 4

1280d ago
fitfox1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

some gameplay styles just lend themselves well to a solitary experience

mysticwolf1280d ago

(comp)multiplayer is FORCED into nearly every game nowadays, just so devs.can generate extra income over "dlc".
Uncharted and The last of us are key examples of franchises that could have done without MP.

Kakashi Hatake1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Explain why multi-player doesn't work for these games. Having an excellent campaign doesn't mean multi-player is tacked on. Does games have to have non existent afterthought campaigns like Call of Duty for the multi-player to be considered good? Uncharted multi-player is as good as Gears of War multi-player.

BossBattle1280d ago

Uncharted multiplayer is no where near touching Gears. That's hilarious. People will be playing Gears of War Wars 4 multiplayer for years. The lobbies will still stay full. Not so for Uncharted 4.

Goldby1280d ago

if i had to choose between Last ofUs MP or Uncharted, ill take Last of Us.

On that note, i am happy that all the weapons in UC4 are all unlockable unlike Last ofUs

KentBenMei1280d ago

Obviously not, but most.