These are the 20 best games for less than $20

Some of the best games from the last few years are incredibly affordable.

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1281d ago
deafdani1281d ago

As someone who doesn't care for shooters and bought Wolfenstein for about 10 bucks on Black Friday: Eh, yes.

Wolfenstein is a lot of fun. Its campaign is pretty damn good. Great setpieces, great action, great weapon variety, cool enemies, cool boss fights, and a pretty good story with good cutscenes.

Unspoken1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Over the top, drawn out, clichéd scenes? Certainly cringe worthy acting driven by weak QTE ruined the namesake of this game. The gun play was terrible with a lack of physics and each of the weapons felt like a plastic toy rather than a gun. Then a stealth/assassination element that was poorly tacked on as an afterthought to make it seem like other open world games even though it was completely on rails.

Did we play the same game?

blawren41281d ago

Child of light is also on wii u. Good list though. Some games i forgot about may be my next purchase.

deafdani1281d ago

Batman Arkham Knight and Rayman Legends have been on my to-buy list for ages now. Good to see they're now sub-$20, it means I will be able to take the plunge soon. :D

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