Is Sucker Punch Working On A Spider-Man Game?

"A collection of data points has us wondering just what might be swinging in."

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Overload1542d ago

The evidence keeps stacking up.

NukaCola1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

My favorite Superhero game is Spiderman 2 followed by Arkham titles. If this is true and they put all out effort in making a massive AAA game, I think this may be the best superhero game ever made! I cannot think of a better studio to tackle Spidey. some of the missions, I would like to see.

- Setting up cameras in certain locations and doing special moves in front of them to make money.
- Something involving building a giant next to catch a falling airplane

I expect there will be tons of mini missions to include stopping robbers, cars, burglaries, and delivering pizza and such. I would think it would be cool to be able to play as Peter Parker as well.

HYPE will be real in 1 month if announced!

UltraNova1542d ago

Spiderman 2... I must have spent more than 150 hrs swinging all over the place and when I was on the ground I kept trying to jump even Superhero game ever by a long shot.

I'm pretty excited about the idea of SP working on a new Spidey game cause I know they'll do it more than right but I cant hide the fact that i was even more excited to hear they were working on brand new IP, you knwo see them flex some of that Infamous muscle!

Its ok a very good Spiderman game would suffice for now ;-)

1542d ago
TwoForce1542d ago

Yup, i think it true. But we have to wait and see.

WhiteScythe1542d ago

If anybody could/should do it, it would be them. Their track record from infamous is promising for a superhero game like this.

OB1Biker1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

That would be awesome and expect incredible graphics/animation.
On a funny side note I'm not surprised Mikes 'our take' suggests SP would make a game for xbox XD

jb2271542d ago

I personally wouldn't mind if it went a multiplat route, as long as SP is developing & they have full creative control w/ Sony & Marvel's backing, and as long as the Playstation version game doesn't suffer for being multiplat, the more the merrier.

More than anything I just want it to be true, I'm a lifelong Spidey fan & I've wondered what SP could do w/ the character since I played the first Infamous. Open world is key but I feel like it needs proper stages as well, something akin to Arkham City, where interiors were themed towards the villains they housed. An Arkham level Spidey game is all I need.

ninsigma1542d ago

It would be awesome if they were! Hope it's true because they are very good at super hero games.

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