Breaking Down The Differences Between Battleborn and Overwatch

Why are people even comparing these titles?

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iDadio1274d ago

People see multiple heroes with abilities and a distinctly bright art style to them both and assume they are similar.

The major difference is that Battleborn is an fps moba, Overwatch is more of a class based objective game without any of the traditional moba elements like levelling up or items etc.

Overwatch is also fun, but maybe that's just me.

Antnee5341274d ago

So in simpler terms battleborn is league of legends that is a bad game. Not that battlebourne is I haven't played it. Also that would make overwatch team fortress 2. They are clones of said games, now for me out of the two Im picking overwatch that beta sold me

BlackDoomAx1274d ago

Exactly. Only that i prefer Battleborn, Overwatch was too boring :-)