Rocket League’s “Quick Chat” Is Getting More Options Next Month

Another update has been posted about Rocket League and this time it's about the quick chat feature.

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crazychris41241272d ago

Nice Shot!
Nice Shot!
Great Pass!
Chat Disabled for 4 Seconds
Chat Disabled for 3 Seconds
Chat Disabled for 2 Seconds
Chat Disabled for 1 Seconds

Majister-Ludi1270d ago

I got 6 seconds once because I'm such an asshole in that game. Can't wait for more options.

WeAreLegion1270d ago

More things for people to passive aggressively spam. I turn it off, completely.

Majister-Ludi1270d ago

You must not be good if your winning people keep there mouth shut. Practice.

WeAreLegion1270d ago

Are you being serious? Even when you win, people are dicks. And on top of that, you shouldn't get harassed for not being good. What's wrong with people like you?

Majister-Ludi1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

It's pretty simple. The second I realize you are the type of person to get angry in a VIDEO GAME, I'm all in. I would love nothing more for then you to call me all manner of terrible names, go after my mother, my girl, my dog. hate whatever makes you happy. Your anger just pleases me more lol. By the way, what a save
Nice shot
Gg get rekt.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1270d ago

Aw man, I hope there's "Thanks you effing ahole!" to answer to the "What A Save!" nation.

freshslicepizza1270d ago

no news on crossplay with ps4 and xbox one?

SocialShy1270d ago

Nothing yet but I won't be surprised if we about it soon. They did say their releasing new news every week now about the next update.