Madden 17 Will Feature Completely Overhauled Defense

EA Sports has released a new blog detailing how Madden 17 will handle defensive gaps and run fits.  The system looks to be completely overhauled and something that should make playing defense much more realistic.

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detroitmademe1281d ago

That's good but what about franchise mode? It should be much much deeper than it currently is. Madden is a good game but the only way it'll reach its full potential is if it ever gets competition

King Nezz1281d ago

Every year, something gets overhauled. Yet it always feels the same. That's bad considering I buy Madden every 3 to 4 years.

gangsta_red1281d ago

Not looking forward to this new Madden, my Niners are going to be crap offensively and defensively. Thank you Trent Baalke!


Ha!!!! Try being a titans fan last 10 years. Youd sell your damn game before playoffs. But im buying and hoping cause our future is bright. At least on paper as usual :)

whitesoxfalife19761281d ago

thas how i be feeling about my bears....sad..... needs to get rid of cutler

Segata1281d ago

Titans fan here. Can confirm.

Skate-AK1281d ago

Do a fantasy draft and you'll be all good haha.

Skate-AK1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

EA and the NFL have a contract. A petition won't and can't change anything. The only thing it can do it make the NFL think about not signing an exclusive contract with EA when the current contract is expired.

Crazywhitie1281d ago

The current EA deal run through 2017, based on previous extension lengths.. The Problem is Madden will Never get better... it'll be the same shit show every year without competition...

SuperbVillain1281d ago

can you email them for us?